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Administrative Directory

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Please use the Stanford online directory service if you wish to search by name and/or phone number.

Senior Administration

Tad and Dianne Taube Director John Raisian 650-723-1198
Assistant Laureen Schieron 650-723-1198
Executive Assistant Robin Blackman 650-723-9977
Assistant Lynette Garcia 650-723-1558
Deputy Director, Research and Program Development David Brady 650-723-9702
Executive Assistant Mandy MacCalla 650-723-9009
Senior Associate Director, Finance and Operations Stephen Langlois 650-725-3419
Executive Assistant Tess Evans Clark 650-723-0425
Business Manager Marianne Jacobi 650-725-5678
Financial Analyst Karen Weiss 650-723-0601
Senior Associate Director Richard Sousa 650-723-1501
Assistant Lea Limgenco 650-725-7728
Associate Director, Marketing and Strategic Communications Christopher Dauer 650-725-6837
Senior Marketing Manager Shana Farley 650-725-6234
Marketing Associate Annamaria Prati 650-723-7506
Marketing Manager Rebecca Fahy 650-725-3461
Director of Development Colin Stewart 650-721-1782
Executive Assistant Dana O'Neill 650-723-0580
Program Development Manager Amy H. Perkins 650-725-2048
Associate Director, Library & Archives Eric Wakin 650-725-7750
Assistant Bronweyn Coleman 650-723-3905
Associate Director, Public Affairs Eryn Witcher 650-725-3076
Associate Director, Academic Affairs Amy Zegart 650-725-4202
Counselor to the Director David Davenport 650-723-1477
Executive Assistant Dana O'Neill 650-723-0580
Counselor to the Director Don Meyer 650-725-5777
Assistant Kara Marquez 650-724-6564
Assistant Director, Research Initiatives Denise Elson 650-723-3271
Assistant Director, Operations Jeffrey M. Jones 650-723-6594
Assistant Director, Research Noel S. Kolak 650-723-2958
Assistant Director, Public Affairs Christie Parell 202-760-3203

Administrative Departments

Budget & Finance
Budget and Finance Officer Claudia Hubbard 650-723-1636
Accounting Associate Karen Kenlay 650-723-1636
Accounting Associate Andrea Mendoza 650-725-7321
Computer Services
Network Administrator James Shinbashi 650-723-0447
Systems Analyst Dan Wilhelmi 650-725-7843
Web Services
Editorial Project Coordinator Kristen Leffelman 650-723-3285
Special Events
Special Events Manager Linda Hernandez 650-723-2830
Coordinator Janet Smith 650-723-2071
Facilities Operation
Facilities Manager Kelly Doran 650-723-7954
Assistant Rick Jara 650-723-4869
Assistant Katrina Kane 650-723-1352
Assistant Dennis Slape 650-723-4050
Facilities Coordinator Jim McCumsey 650-725-6167
Personnel Office
Human Resources Manager Helen M. Corrales 650-723-2052
Employment Specialist Christina Ansel 650-723-1053
Human Resources Assistant Juanita Rodriguez 650-723-1638
Administrative Services
Administrative Services ManagerDeborah Ventura 650-723-0621
Visiting Fellows AssistantCeleste Szeto 650-723-4524
Telecommunications RepresentativeOlivia Litz 650-723-9467
Hoover ReceptionistJanet King 650-723-1754


Media Relations
Director of Media Relations Jenny Mayfield 650-725-7293
Media Relations Coordinator Jaclyn Miklos 650-723-2612
Social Media and Communications Manager Sarah Bielecki 650-725-3523
Director of Media and Government Relations, Washington D.C. Christie Parell 202-760-3203
Media Relations Coordinator, Washington D.C. Amy Palguta 202-760-3204
Book Publications Manager Jennifer Presley 650-725-7146
Financial/Marketing Assistant Laura Somers 650-725-7292
Digital Coordinator Scott Harrison 650-498-7880
Book Production Manager Barbara Arellano 650-725-5630
Book Production Manager Marshall Blanchard 650-725-3460
Graphic Designer Jennifer Navarrette 650-725-3467
Managing Editors
Defining Ideas Emily Smith 973-487-7176
Hoover Digest Charles Lindsey 650-723-1471
Institutional Editor E. Ann Wood 650-725-3462

Program Management

Media Fellows
Program Assistant Mandy MacCalla 650-723-9009
National Fellows
Program Assistant Heather Campbell 650-723-3972
Visiting Fellows
Program Assistant Deborah Ventura 650-723-0621
Assistant Celeste Szeto 650-723-4524


Associate Director of Development Doug Bechler 650-723-1944
Development Assistant Marcy Mamiya 650-736-7459
Associate Director of Development James Gross 650-723-2899
Development Assistant Maria Lopez 650-724-4564
Assistant Director of Development Amy H. Perkins 650-725-2048
Project Manager Cheryl Kane 650-725-3465
Development Events and Services
Director of Development Events and Services Mary Gingell 650-723-1951
Events and Services Manager Elisa Ellis 650-723-1427
Events and Services Manager Pauli Steinback 650-723-1959
Events and Services Assistant Marisa Martin 650-721-5970


Director of Library and Archives Eric Wakin 650-725-7750
Deputy Archivist Linda Bernard 650-723-0141
Associate Archivist Lisa Miller 650-724-2961
Associate Archivist, Recorded Sound Brandon Burke 650-724-9711
Manuscript Cataloger Dale Reed 650-725-3470
Collections Manager Danielle Scott 650-723-3428


Director of Library and Archives Eric Wakin 650-725-7750
Cataloging and Reference Services
Librarian Paul Thomas 650-723-2054
Stack Management/Circulation
Group Supervisor Maria Quinonez 650-723-2058


East Asia Collection
Curator Hsiao-ting Lin 650-736-9035
Curator Lisa Nguyen 650-723-2050
Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States Collection
Curator Anatol Shmelev 650-724-6200
East and West Europe Collections
Senior Curator Maciej Siekierski 650-725-6955
Latin America Collection
Curator Herb Klein 650-725-5026
North American Collection
Curator Danielle Scott 650-723-3428
Middle East Collection
Curator Hassan Mneimneh 650-725-9856
British Labour Collection
Honorary Curator Peter Stansky 650-723-2663