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Report 2004: Staff

This list was published as part of the Report 2004. For the current Directory, please click here.

John Raisian

Deputy Director

David W. Brady

Senior Associate Director

Richard Sousa

Associate Directors

Jeffrey Bliss
Elena S. Danielson
Stephen Langlois
Donald C. Meyer

Assistant Directors

Denise Elson
Noel Kolak

Senior Adviser to the Director

Jon Cosovich

Program Associate

Laura Butler

Assistants to the Director

Robin Blackman
Carrie Lehman
Laureen Schieron

Assistant to the Deputy Director

Maria Sanchez

Assistant to the Senior Associate Director

Lea Limgenco

Assistants to the Associate Directors

Velberta Coando
T. Michael Gallagher
Cheryl Kane

Assistant to the Assistant Director

Nancy Cloud

Assistant Director of Major Gifts, Northern California
Sally Herrick

Assistant Director of Major Gifts, Southern California/Annual Giving

James Gross

Development Assistant

Perrins Fojas

Development Administrative Associates

Maria Lopez
Kara Uribe

Assistant Director of Development Events and Services

Mary T. Gingell

Database Coordinator

Ethel B. Hopkins

Development Events

Elisa Ellis

Events Associate

Lisa A. Sortino

Media Fellows Program Assistant
Mandy MacCalla

National Fellows Program Assistant

Joy Taylor

Visiting Fellows Program Assistant

Deborah Ventura


Celeste Szeto


Budget and Finance Officer
Claudia Hubbard

Accounting Associate

Karen Kenlay

Finance Analyst

Susan Feland

Computer Services Manager

William Bonnett

Computer Specialist

Dan Wilhelmi

Facilities Manager

Craig Snarr

Mailroom Supervisor

Frank Coronado

Facilities Supervisor

Kelly Doran

Facilities Assistants

David Arizaga
Patricia McMahan

Human Resources Officer

Helen M. Corrales

Employment Specialist

Christina Ansel

Staff Affairs Associate

Claudia Chiquillo

Public Affairs Manager

Michele M. Horaney

Public Affairs Writer

LaNor A. Maune

Public Affairs Assistant

Velberta C. Coando

Special Events Coordinator

Teresa Terry Judd
Christie Harlick

Telecommunications Specialist

Olivia Litz

Senior Editor
E. Ann Wood

Design and Production Manager

Marshall Blanchard

Graphic Designer

Kathryn Nunes

Customer Services

Lyn Larson

Sales/Operations Manager

Jennifer Presley

Inventory Maintenance Assistant

Rick Jara


Research Assistants
Allison Asher
Devora Davis
Monica Huang
Na Liu
Anju P. Sahay
Hamid Shokat
Nicole Topham
Leilei Xu

Research Support Staff

Rachel Abrams
Julia Ball
Caroline Beswick
Heather Campbell
Alice Carter
Joyce Cerwin
Nancy Cloud
Kelly Dillon
Grace Goldberger
Sarah Kinkel
Patricia Luna-Rivera
Caleb Offley
Charlotte Pace
Yolande Poirier
Lillie Robinson
Silvia Sandoval
Susan Schendel
Gloria Valentine
Michael Walker

Main Collection
Cataloging Services

Pamphlet Cataloger
Jean Dickinson

Preservation Services

Gary McLerran

Microfilm Supervisor

Patricia Liang

Library Specialists

Lewis Friedman
Rayan Ghazal
Sang-Suk Shon
Matthew Snyder
Issayas Tesfamariam

Readers’ Services

Reference Librarians
Molly Molloy
Linda Ann Wheeler

Collection Management/Circulations
Group Supervisor
Maria Quinonez

Library Specialists
Kavous Barghi
Terry Gammon
Olga Katz
Jorge Machado


Curatorial Assistant
Amy B. Desai

East Asian Collection


Mark Tam
Library Specialist
Zbigniew Stanczyk

Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States Collection

Joseph Dwyer
Library Specialist
Ronald Basich

East European Collection


Maciej Siekierski
Library Specialist
Zbigniew Stanczyk

West European Collection

Elena Danielson

Latin and North American Collections

William Ratliff
Library Specialist
Jorge Machado
British Labour Collection
Honorary Curator
Peter Stansky


Deputy Archivist
Linda Bernard

Manuscript Cataloger

Dale Reed

Associate Archivist

Lisa Miller

Associate Archivist–Collection Development

Bradley Bauer

RFE/RL Project Archivist

Anatol Shmelev

Archival Specialists
Polina Ilieva
Blanka Pasternak

Exhibits Coordinator
Cecile D. Hill

Assistant Archivists

Carol Leadenham
Lora Soroka

Archival Specialists
Ronald Bulatoff
David Jacobs
Aparna Mukherjee
Lisa Nguyen
Natalia Porfirenko
Zbigniew Stanczyk

Audiovisual Specialist

Heather Wagner

Administrative Associate

Irena Czernichowska