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Mark Pauly
Mark V. Pauly
member of the working group on health care policy

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Mark V. Pauly is the Bendheim Professor in the Department of Health Care Management,a professor of insurance and risk management, and a professor of business and public policy at the Wharton School; professor of economics at the University of Pennsylvania; and a member of the Working Group on Health Care Policy. A former commissioner on the Physician Payment Review Commission, Pauly has served on the advisory committee to the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, and on the Medicare Technical Advisory Panel. He currently serves on the national advisory committees for the National Institute of Health National Center for Research Resources, the National Academy of Sciences' Committee to Study the Veterinary Workforce, and the NAS Committee on the Biomedical Workforce. Pauly is a co-editor -in -chief of the International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics and associate editor of the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty.