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Gerard V. Bradley
Gerard V. Bradley
member of the task force on virtues of a free society

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Gerard V. Bradley is a professor of law at the University of Notre Dame, where he directs (with John Finnis) the Natural Law Institute and coedits the American Journal of Jurisprudence, an international forum for legal philosophy. Bradley, who was for many years president of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, received his BA and JD degrees from Cornell University, graduating summa cum laude from the law school in 1980. After practicing as a prosecutor in Manhattan, he joined the law faculty at the University of Illinois. In 1992, he moved to Notre Dame. Bradley has published more than one hundred scholarly articles and reviews. His most recent books are A Student's Guide to the Study of Law (ISI 2006); Essays on Law, Morality and Religion (Scranton, 2009); and A Brief History of Religious Liberty in America (Heritage Foundation, 2008).