national humanities medal
american academy of arts and sciences
national medal of science
presidential medal of freedom
nobel prize
Stephen D. Bechtel Jr.
member of the task force on energy policy

Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. is chairman retired and a director of Bechtel Group. He is also chairman emeritus and a director of Fremont Group, LLC. He is also chairman of the S.D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation and the Stephen Bechtel Fund, the business headquarters of which are in San Francisco. Bechtel has served several industry and community organizations as chairman, including the Business Council, the Conference Board, and the National Academy of Engineering. He also served as vice chairman on the California Council for Science and Technology Task Force to advise Governor Schwarzenegger on improving K–12 science and mathematics education. Bechtel currently serves on the Hoover Task Force on Energy and the MIT Energy Initiative External Advisory Board.