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Laura E. Huggins is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution.
Laura E. Huggins
research fellow

Expertise: Political economy, environmental policy

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Laura E. Huggins is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and director of outreach at PERC—the Property and Environment Research Center—a think tank that focuses on market solutions to environmental problems.

Huggins specializes in free market environmentalism, property rights, and population policy. She is primarily interested in the role of economic processes in shaping natural resource policy and in promoting market principles to a wide audience to help resolve environmental dilemmas.

Huggins is the author, along with Hoover Institution senior fellow Terry Anderson, of Property Rights: A Practical Guide to Freedom and Prosperity (2003) and Greener Than Thou: Are You Really an Environmentalist? (2008). She also edited Accounting for Mother Nature (2008), Population Puzzle: Boom or Bust? (2004), and Drug War Deadlock: The Policy Battle Continues (2005). She is currently focusing on a forthcoming monograph tentatively titled Environmental Entrepreneurship in the Developing World.

Huggins’s articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times and Washington Times; her published papers include "A Property Rights Path to Sustainable Development," which appeared in The Legacy of Milton and Rose Friedman's Free to Choose: Economic Liberalism at the Turn of the 21st Century.

Huggins holds an MS degree in public policy from Utah State University.

Last updated on May 30, 2012