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Fellows by name

Fouad Ajami
Middle East politics, foreign policy and contemporary history

Richard V. Allen
Foreign and national security policy, international trade and economic policy, Asia and the Pacific Basin

Annelise Anderson
U.S. domestic policy, especially the federal budget and immigration; economic reform in former communist countries

Martin Anderson
National economic policy, national defense, the U.S. presidency, U.S. higher education, campaign financing

Terry Anderson
Property rights, natural resource and environmental policy

Scott W. Atlas
U.S. health care system, health care systems of emerging nations, use of advanced medical technology

Dennis L. Bark
International relations and national security affairs; European politics, with emphasis on the economic, political, and military aspects of the European Community

Robert J. Barro
Macroeconomics; economic growth, with emphasis on the role of political institutions; monetary theory; property rights; public finance

Gary S. Becker
Human capital, economics of the family, economic analysis of crime, discrimination and population

Joseph Berger
Status processes and status relations among members of different groups, processes of legitimation, reward expectations and distributive justice, theory growth in the behavioral sciences

Peter Berkowitz
Classical and contemporary liberalism, American constitutionalism, and the Middle-East

Russell A. Berman
German literary history and cultural politics

Michael S. Bernstam
Economy of the former Soviet Union, transition to markets, general economic demography, economic systems

Charles Blahous
Economic policy, retirement policy, Social Security, pensions, entitlement reform, population aging, federal budget, financial regulatory reform

Clint Bolick
Constitutional litigation, with an emphasis on 14th Amendment, school choice, First Amendment, economic regulation, property rights and eminent domain, federalism, local government, and state constitutional law.

Michael J. Boskin
Public finance; tax, budget, and debt theory and policy; macroeconomics and monetary policy; applied economic theory

David Brady
The U.S. Congress, congressional decision making, U.S. election results, history of political parties in the United States

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita
International conflict, foreign policy formation, peace research

John H. Bunzel
Race and race relations in the United States, higher education, U.S. politics and elections

Jeremy Carl
Energy and environmental policy, India, and Asia

Lanhee J. Chen
Health Policy, Economic Policy, American Politics, Campaigns and Elections, and American Public Policymaking

John E. Chubb
Education policy, education technology, school choice, student achievement

John H. Cochrane
Financial economics, asset pricing, macroeconomics, monetary economics, Fed policy, inflation and deficits, time series econometrics, financial regulation, dynamic health insurance

John F. Cogan
Federal budget, domestic human resources policy

Robert Conquest
Russian and world politics and history

William Damon
Life-span human development, character education

David Davenport
International law and treaties, constitutional federalism, and American politics and law

Larry Diamond
Democracy in Asia, Africa, and Latin America; U.S. foreign policy affecting democracy abroad

Gerald A. Dorfman
British and European politics, the European Community, U.S. foreign policy, international relations

Sidney D. Drell
Theoretical physics, national security, arms control

Craig Dunkerley

John B. Dunlop
Nationalism in the former Soviet Union, Russian cultural politics, the politics of religion in Russia

Richard A. Epstein
Constitutional law, communications law, employment law, health law and policy, property rights, intellectual property, tort law

Williamson M. Evers
Education policy, especially as it pertains to curriculum, teaching, testing, and accountability from kindergarten through high school; Iraq reconstruction

Niall Ferguson
Financial and international history; American and British imperial history

Chester E. Finn Jr.
Education policy, education reform

Morris P. Fiorina
Elections, public opinion, the U.S. Congress

Tammy Frisby
American national politics and public policy making, tax politics, health care politics, US Congress

Timothy Garton Ash
Contemporary European history and politics

James Goodby
International security affairs, specializing in nuclear weapons issues and security problems in Northeast Asia.

Paul R. Gregory
Economic history, Soviet and Russian economics, transition economics

Stephen Haber
Property rights in Latin America; the regulation of banks and financial markets in Latin America, especially in Mexico; Latin American industrial development

Robert E. Hall
Capital formation, the stock market, monetary policy, inflation, taxation, unemployment

Eric Hanushek
Economics of education; applied public finance and public policy analysis, with special emphasis on education issues

Mark Harrison
Economic history, Russian politics and history, international conflict

David R. Henderson
Public policy, especially making economic issues and analyses clear and interesting to general audiences; health care policy

Thomas H. Henriksen
U.S. foreign policy, international political and defense affairs, rogue states, and insurgencies

Robert Hessen
U.S. economic and business history

Charles Hill
International political affairs

Paul T. Hill
Education policy, education reform

Caroline M. Hoxby
Economics of education, school choice, education reform

Laura E. Huggins
Political economy, environmental policy

Josef Joffe
U.S. foreign policy, international security policy, European-American relations, Europe and Germany, the Middle East

Jeffrey M. Jones
Welfare policy, workforce investment policy, and American values and culture

Ken Jowitt
Communist and postcommunist studies, social theory, comparative politics

Kenneth L. Judd
Economics of taxation, imperfect competition, mathematical economics

Timothy Kane
Economics, entrepreneurship, immigration, labor, and national security--particularly the global impact of US troop deployments.

Daniel P. Kessler
Law and economics, industrial organization, economics of health care

Herbert S. Klein
Comparative economic and social history and change in Latin America and the United States

Melvyn B. Krauss
International economics, economic development, taxation and tax reform, U.S. aid to foreign nations, international trade, NATO

Tai-Chun Kuo
Political economy, China politics, Chinese economic reforms, U.S.-China relations, modern Chinese historical archives and researches.

Stephen Langlois

Edward Paul Lazear
Labor economics, industrial relations, microeconomics

Kurt R. Leube
Austrian school of economics, law and economics, history of economic thought

Gary D. Libecap
Natural resource and environmental economics, specializing in property rights and markets as solutions to the tragedy of the commons.

Hsiao-ting Lin
Modern Chinese history, U.S.-Taiwan relations, ethnopolitics in the greater China area

Tod Lindberg
Political theory, international relations, American politics

Thomas E. MaCurdy
Economics of income transfer programs, human resources, labor markets

George Marotta
Domestic and international finance

Shavit Matias
Globalization, national security affairs, international institutions and regulation, international law and diplomacy, negotiations and international dispute settlement

Rachel M. McCleary
Political economy, moral and political philosophy

Michael McConnell
Constitution, law, federalism, and religion

Michael McFaul
International relations, Russian politics, political and economic reform in postcommunist countries, American foreign policy

Charles E. McLure Jr.
Economics of domestic and international taxation

Brigadier General H. R. McMaster
American political and diplomatic history, national security, military history, counterinsurgency, counterterrorism

Joseph D. McNamara
Criminal justice, police technology and management systems, crime prevention, international drug control policies

Edwin Meese III
U.S. legal system, law enforcement and criminal justice, intelligence and national security, the Reagan presidency

Thomas A. Metzger
Intellectual and institutional history of China, U.S.-China policy

Abbas Milani
Iranian cultural, political, and security issues

Alice L. Miller
Chinese history, Chinese foreign policy, Chinese domestic politics

Henry I. Miller
Biotechnology; genetic engineering; bioterrorism; government regulation of science and technology, especially pharmaceutical development and biotechnology; regulatory reform

James C. Miller III
U.S. budget process, government regulation, antitrust, public choice

Jongryn Mo
Formal political theory, political economy of development, East Asian regionalism

Terry M. Moe
Educational policy, U.S. political institutions, organization theory

Thomas Gale Moore
International trade, deregulation, privatization

Ramon H. Myers
Political and economic development of East Asia, international relations, economic history of East Asia

Norman M. Naimark
Russian and European history, history of communism, genocide and ethnic cleansing in the twentieth century, Eastern Europe and the Balkans

Guity Nashat
The role of women in Islamic society, reform in Iran

Toshio Nishi
U.S.-Japan relations, contemporary Japan

Douglass C. North
Property rights, economic organization in history, ideology and the growth of government, theory of institutional change

James H. Noyes
Persian Gulf security issues, the Arab-Israeli conflict

Bertrand M. Patenaude
Russian and modern European history

William J. Perry
International security, arms control, U.S.-Korea relations

Paul E. Peterson
Education policy, federalism, urban politics

Michael J. Petrilli
Education policy, specializing in the politics of education, the federal role, and standards-based reform.

Alvin Rabushka
Taxation in the United States and abroad; economic development in Asia and Central and Eastern Europe, and economic history of Colonial America

John Raisian
Public policy formation, role of government in society

William Ratliff
Latin America, China and U.S. foreign policy

Margaret (Macke) Raymond
Public policy research, evaluation methods, organizational development

Rita Ricardo-Campbell
National health policy, corporate finance, Social Security, women and comparable worth

Russell Roberts
Economics and international trade policy

Peter M. Robinson
Politics, Republican Party, business

Henry S. Rowen
International security, economic development, Asian economics and politics, U.S. institutions and economic performance

Thomas J. Sargent
Macroeconomics, monetary economics, time series economics

Kori Schake
national security strategy, the effective use of military force, European politics

Peter Schweizer
International relations, national security affairs, U.S. presidency

Kenneth E. Scott
Public regulation of banking institutions, corporation law, securities law

Anatol Shmelev
20th century Russian history, specializing in the Russian Civil War

John Shoven
Tax policy, Social Security, U.S. savings patterns

George P. Shultz
Global political and economic policy

Maciej Siekierski
Poland and Eastern Europe

Kiron K. Skinner
American foreign policy, international relations theory, international security

Commander David Slayton
National Security, Energy Policy, Asia-Pacific, Arctic, Maritime Strategy, Irregular Warfare, Counter Terrorism and Legislative Affairs

Abraham D. Sofaer
International law and diplomacy, international relations, national security affairs, separation of powers, government regulation, international terrorism

Richard Sousa
Labor economics, specializing in discrimination, labor market issues, and K–12 education

Thomas Sowell
Economics, social decision making, ethnicity

Michael Spence
Economic theory and domestic and international economics

Richard F. Staar
The federation of Russia and East-Central Europe, military strategy, national security, arms control, public diplomacy

Shelby Steele
Race relations, American social culture, identity politics

James L. Sweeney
Energy economics, energy policy, global climate change, automotive fuel economy regulation, electricity market problems

John B. Taylor
Monetary, fiscal, and international economics; international finance; public policy.

Herbert J. Walberg
Psychology, education policy, education productivity

Barry R. Weingast
Political economy and public policy, political foundation of markets and economic reform, U.S. politics, regulation

Bill Whalen
California politics, U.S. politics, political campaigns

Charles Wolf Jr.
International economic policy, economic development, the relationship between economic issues and foreign and defense policy