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Anatole S. Loukashkin, 1902 - 1988

A. S. Loukashkin was born in Liaoian, China, on 3 May 1902 (N.S.): his father was an employee of the Chinese Eastern Railway. Receiving his schooling in Chita, he returned to China following the Revolution, where he graduated from the Harbin Institute of Oriental and Commercial Studies. He worked as a curator of the Museum of the Society for the Study of Manchuria (Obshchestvo izucheniia Man'chzhurskogo kraia) in the 1930's. Upon arrival in the United States in 1941, he transferred his skills to the California Academy of Sciences, where he became an authority on the Pacific sardine (Sardinops Caerulea).

Anatole S. Loukashkin

Courtesy of the Museum of
Russian Culture, San Francisco
Из коллекций Музея Русской
Культуры, Сан-Франциско

More significant was his participation in various Russian organizations: he was executive director of the Federatsiia russkikh blagotvoritel'nykh organizatsii (involved in helping Russian displaced persons relocate to the United States following the Second World War), served on the boards of the Russian Center of San Francisco and Russian Life Corporation, which published the newspaper Russkaia zhizn'. For over a decade (1954-1965) he served as director of the Museum of Russian Culture, in particular acquiring for it a voluminous amount of material about Russians in China. Loukaskin died in San Francisco on 6 October 1988.

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