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Basil M. Bensin, 1881 - 1973

B. M. Bensin was born in Russia on 30 January 1881 (O. S.). He received his education in agricultural sciences at the University of Minnesota, graduating with an M.S. in 1912. Returning to Russia, he authored a pamphlet entitled Izuchenie zasukhoustoichivykh ras sel'sko-khoziaistvennykh rastenii in 1913. After 1920, he emigrated to Czechosovakia, where he published Sel'skoe khoziaistvo i kooperatsiia v S.-Amerikie (Prague, 1923) and Shkola i sel'skoe khoziaistvo (Prague, 1924).

Basil M. Bensin

Courtesy of the Museum of
Russian Culture, San Francisco
Из коллекций Музея Русской
Культуры, Сан-Франциско

Coming to the United States in 1930, he continued his agricultural researches: as an agronomist for the Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station and instructor at the University of Alaska from 1945 to 1948, he identified strains of plants capable of withstanding the extreme cold and harsh climate of the region. Bensin was also active in the Russian émigré Sokol movement, and his collection contains some materials on that topic. He died in North Carolina in February 1973.

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