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Central Africa

Archival collections include the Brian Weinstein papers concerning Félix Éboué and Gabon, 1893–1972; the Charles F. Darlington papers (Darlington was U.S. ambassador to Gabon, 1961–65; the René Lemarchand papers on Burundi, Rwanda, and Zaire, 1920–72; the Urbain Kinet papers on work at the Institut pour la Recherche Scientifique en Afrique Centrale in Uvira, Zaire; the diary of René Gauze, chief of police, Brazzaville, 1949–63; the Virginia M. Thompson-Richard Adloff papers concerning Congo-Brazzaville, Zaire, and other Francophone African countries, 1931–86; reports by British missionary David Grenfell of work among Angolan refugees in Zaire, 1963–70; photocopies of material on Equatorial Guinea from Suzanne Cronje, 1969–77; records of the Conseil National de Libération (Zaire), 1964, concerning the Kwilu rebellion; five manuscript boxes and ten reels, 1947–63, of political ephemera and government documents collected by Herbert Weiss (mainly in Lingala); and records on the Mouvement Populaire de la Révolution (Zaire), 1967–75; and the Ernest Lefever papers on United Nations intervention in Zaire.