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East Africa

East Africa and Indian Ocean Islands

Archival collections include the Tom Mboya papers, 1953–69, and the William X. Scheinman papers, 1952–99, on Kenya; the Harvey Glickman papers on Tanzanian politics, 1955–69; the George S. Reppas papers concerning business in Madagascar, 1966–82; the Price family papers relating to missionary work in Madagascar, 1875–82; the Donald Arthur Knies collection concerning education assistance in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda; the Martin Lowenkopf papers on politics in Liberia, Uganda, and Tanzania during the 1950s; and slides on the history of Christianity in East Africa.

Horn of Africa

For former Italian Africa the library holds the Revista coloniale (Rome, 1906–27), Revista delle colonie: Rassegna dei possedimenti italiani (Rome, 1927–43), Rassegna economica dell'Africa italiana (1913–43), Africa (Naples, 1882–1921, plus scattered issues from the 1930s), and the Annuario dell'Africa italiana (Rome, 1926–40). After the demise of the Italian empire, research into its history reverted to the Minestero degli Affari Esteri, which sponsored the series L'Italia in Africa, held by the library.

Special collections include the diary (1927) of Luigi Federzoni, Italy's minister of colonies, and the papers of Ruth Ricci Eltse, a nurse in the Ethiopian-Italian war (1935–36) and a photographer-journalist in North Africa (1936–39).

Current Italian journals on Africa include Africa (Rome, 1947, 1950, 1978– ) and Nigrizia (Verona, 1963– ). The library holds publications from opposition groups in Ethiopia, such as the Eritrean Liberation Front, the Eritrean People's Liberation Front, and the Tigray People's Liberation Front.

Other archival collections include the John K. Caldwell papers (Ethiopia, 1943–45); the papers of James B. Chandler on educational assistance in Ethiopia, 1956–82; the papers of David W. King, a U.S. consular official in Ethiopia; photographs from the Sudanese Ministry of Information and Culture; a translation and revision by Virginia Thompson and Richard Adloff of Robert Saint Véran's book on Djibouti; twenty-two phonotape cassettes of songs from the Eritrean People's Liberation Front; the Jack Kramer papers concerning Eritrea, 1968–69; and the John Abizaid collection of material on the U.S. military in Somalia, 1992.