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West Africa

Archival collections concerning West Africa include the E. Frederick Quinn papers on Cameroon, especially the Beti, 1822–1991; the I. William Zartman collection concerning primarily West Africa during the 1960s; the Albert I. Good papers on missionary activities in Cameroon; the Victor T. Le Vine papers on Cameroon politics; the David P. Gamble collection on Sierra Leone; the Virginia M. Thompson-Richard Adloff papers concerning West Africa; the Frans B. Lenglet papers on Côte d'Ivoire education; the Wilson C. Flake papers (first U.S. ambassador to Ghana, 1957–60); survey questionnaires concerning household expenditures in Ghana; the Garland Farmer collection on Liberia, 1953–91; the Lynn P. Hartzler papers on Liberian education; the David B. Abernethy miscellaneous papers on Nigeria; material from the American Committee to Keep Biafra Alive, St. Louis Chapter; the George D. Jenkins papers on Nigeria, 1897–1970; the Frank A. Salamone collection of slides and photographs of Nigeria, 1970– 76; the William D. Moreland papers on Senegal and West Africa, 1949–65; and the Martin Lowenkopf papers on politics in Liberia during the 1950s.