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Americas: Introduction

The Americas collection focuses on political, economic, and social developments in North and Latin America during the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. The U.S. collection documents the two world wars, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and U.S. foreign and domestic policies and international relations generally. Collections range from official government papers to personal diplomatic and research archives. The Latin American collection records political and related developments in countries with strong leftist or rightist regimes and disruptive political or military movements or both. Over the decades selection criteria have followed ideas and events, focusing variously on competing ideologies and actions of legal and illegal organizations; prominent political and military leaders; and archival papers of, and interviews with, national leaders, revolutionaries, political scientists, journalists, and others involved as individuals or groups in influencing, making, and implementing domestic and international policies.

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Herbert S. Klein is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and curator of the Latin America collection in the Hoover Institution Library and Archives. He had been a professor of history and the director of the Center for Latin American Studies at Stanford University. Before his appointment at Stanford, he taught at the University of Chicago and Columbia University and is the Gouverneur Morris Emeritus Professor of History at Columbia University.

His research papers are available at the Hoover Institution Archives.

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Danielle Scott is the curator for the North American collection at the Hoover In
curator, north american collection

Danielle Scott is the curator for the North American collection at the Hoover Institution Library and Archives.

Previously, she held positions with the US Department of State and the National Archives and Records Administration, where she worked on issues pertaining to the long-term preservation of born-digital historical materials.

Scott received her MA in history from the University of New Mexico and her MLS from the University of Maryland.

In addition to her curatorial responsibilities, Scott serves as the collections manager for the library and archives.

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Americas Collection

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