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Politics and Government

Invaluable materials on U.S. politics and government are abundantly present in the archives. Foremost among these are many papers of President Herbert Hoover, including records of the Hoover Commission on the Organization of the Executive Branch of Government, 1947–1949 and 1953–1955. (Hoover's presidential papers are at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in West Branch, Iowa.) The papers of Raymond Moley (editor of Newsweek), who served as political adviser to Franklin D. Roosevelt, provide substantial documentation on the 1932 presidential campaign and origins of New Deal policies.

Papers of other prominent political and government leaders include those of George P. Shultz (secretary of labor, 1969–1970; director of the Office of Management and Budget, 1970–1972; secretary of the treasury, 1972–1974; and secretary of state, 1982–1989; note that the Shultz papers are closed); Carla A. Hills (secretary of housing and urban development, 1975–1977); Dixie Lee Ray (chair of the Atomic Energy Commission, 1973–1975; Washington State governor, 1977–1981); and subsequent members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; U.S. congressman Paul N. McCloskey (1967–1983); San Francisco State University president S. I. Hayakawa (U.S. senator, 1977–1983); George Deukmejian (California legislator, 1963–1979; California attorney general, 1979–1982; California governor, 1983–1990; note that the Deukmejian papers are closed); Charls E. Walker (deputy secretary of the treasury, 1969–1973); and William J. Casey (director of Central Intelligence, 1981–1982; note that the Casey papers are closed).