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Baltic States

Archival holdings provide a wide range of research materials on twentieth-century Baltic topics. Of three countries, Latvia is best represented among recent acquisitions. The papers of Mikhail Krasil'nikov, Arved Karklis, Sandr Riga (A. Rotberg), Arsenii Formakov, Andreis Eizans, and Mavriks Vulfsons provide significant archival resources for the study of cultural and political developments during the Soviet period. Additionally, the political process since the restoration of independence of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia in 1991 is documented in the holdings of electoral campaign ephemera found in the Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian subject collections.

"From the Bay Area to the Baltic: An Enduring Relationship," by archival specialist David Jacobs, relates the history of Hoover's Baltic collections. It is available on the Baltic Heritage Network website.

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