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Library and Archives

Judaica part 7 — List of Collections

Anders (Wladyslaw) papers

Brickman (William W.) papers

Carlisle (Olga Andreyev) papers

Chodakiewicz (Marek Jan) papers

Diamant (David) collection

Emmet (Christopher Temple) papers

Erman (Irma C.) papers

Fait (Margaret Eleanor) papers

Frank (Karl Boromaüs) papers

Frank (Ludwig E.) papers

Franz (Rudolf) collection

Friedman (Milton) papers

Gaffney (Thomas St. John) papers

Gamburg (Pierre) diaries

Grossman (Kurt R.) papers

Hayek (Friedrich A. von) papers

Hoffer (Eric) papers

Holocaust and the media conference proceedings

Holokausta izpetes problemas Latvija conference proceedings

Holtzman (Irwin T. and Shirley) collection

Hook (Sidney) papers

Hurewitz (J. C.) collection

International Rescue Committee records

Karski (Jan) papers

Katz (Friedrich) collection

Krasno (Rena) papers

Landauer (Carl) papers

Larsons (M. J.) papers

Lemkin (Raphael) mimeograph

Lerner (Daniel) collection

Levaco (Benjamin Michael) papers

Lilienthal (Alfred M.) papers

Lipset (Seymour Martin) papers (collection closed)

Lovestone (Jay) papers

Luxemburg-Jacob papers

McClure (Donald) papers

Nicolaevsky (Boris I.) collection

Nissim (Matook Raymond) papers

Panunzio (Constantine M.) papers

Pasternak family papers

Poland. Ambasada (Great Britain) records

Register of the Poland. Ministerstwo Informacji i Dokumentacji records

Polish Information Center ( New York , N.Y. ) records

Popper (Sir Karl Raimund) papers and incremental material

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty broadcast records and corporate records

Rogger (Hans) papers

Rothschild (Lothar) papers

Russia Departament politsii Zagranichnaia agentura ( Paris ) collection

San José Conferences on the Holocaust proceedings

Schaechter (Kurt Werner) collection

Scientists for Sakharov, Orlov and Shcharansky records

Simaite (Ona) papers

Siniavskii (Andrei) papers

Sino-Judaic Institute collection

Solow (Herbert) papers

Stone (Michael) typescript

Struve (Gleb) papers

Thompson (Dorothy) miscellaneous papers

Trotsky (Leon) collection

Voegelin (Eric) papers

Volkov (Leon) papers

Vulfsons (Mavriks) papers

Wallenstein (Gerd D.) papers

Wisniewski (Tomasz) photograph collection

Wolfe (Bertram David) papers

Wood (E. Thomas) papers