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Middle East: Overview

The Middle East Collection has extensive holdings of books, serials, newspapers, pamphlets, government documents, society publications, and archival collections from and about the Middle East. Four collections make up the library's Middle East Collection: the Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and Western-Language collections. In addition, the Hoover Archives holds about 200 archival collections relating to the Middle East.

In approximate terms, the four collections consist of the following:

Collection Monographs Serials and Newspapers
Arabic 24,000 11,000
Turkish 6,000 22,000
Persian 1,500 500
Western-language 20,000 30,000
TOTAL 51,500 63,500

For additional information see the Stanford Report article of December 12, 2001.

The Turkish Collection includes materials in modern Anatolian Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, and other Turkic languages, including rare holdings in Uighur. In addition, the Russian/CIS Collection administers small holdings of rare books and pamphlets in Uzbek, Azeri, Kazakh, Chuvash, Bashkir, Kirghiz, Yakut, Balkar, and other languages of Central Asia, as well as several hundred volumes in Crimean and Volga Tatar.

Many books and newspaper and journal holdings cataloged before the late 1980s are not yet in the online catalog. Users should consult the Hoover card catalogs of the Middle East Collection and the Main Collection for these materials.

The Middle East Collection participates in a number of interlibrary cooperative efforts and is a founding member of the Middle East Microfilm Project (MEMP), administered by the Center for Research Libraries in Chicago.