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Turkish Publications

The Turkish Collection is particularly strong in the following subjects:

  • Atatürk and his legacy
  • Modern Turkish history and politics
  • Turkish political parties
  • The Turkish military
  • Military rule in Turkey
  • Military history
  • Military art and science
  • Political trials
  • Terrorism in Turkey
  • The Turkish role in NATO
  • Turkey's position as a Middle Eastern and Islamic state
  • Relations with other states of the Middle East and Central Asia
  • Relations with the United States, the Soviet Union/Russia/
    Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe, and the
    European Economic Community/European Union
  • Minorities in Turkey and Turkish minorities in other states

Holdings of Turkish monographs are especially good for the periods 1923 to 1945, 1950 to 1963, and 1983 to the present. For the 1950–1963 period, the Hoover collections stress holdings of progovernment materials (for the Bayar period) and publications of the military government.

The Hoover Turkish Collection has two additional unique features: The collection holds 266 newspapers, all but a few of them in Ottoman Turkish, and more than 1,000 serial titles in Ottoman, modern Turkish, and Western languages. Newspapers and serials from 1870 to the late 1970s are held for Istanbul, Ankara, and numerous provincial cities, towns, and areas outside modern Turkey, such as Saloniki, Crete, Aleppo, London, Mosul, Batum, and Beirut. The great majority of the files date from the 1880s to the 1920s.

In addition, the collection holds 215 brief monographs and pamphlets in the Dagdeviren Pamphlet Collection, a richly revealing cross section of Ottoman history at the end of the empire.