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West Europe: Introduction

Beginning with the very first curatorial staff, who accompanied Herbert Hoover to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, Western Europe has been an area of significant interest. World War I in Europe is especially well documented through the records of relief organizations and in the papers of individual soldiers, diplomats, and other eyewitnesses. Other areas of strength include interwar political movements, World War II as experienced by the countries of Western Europe, and postwar efforts at reconstruction and the first steps toward forming a common market that eventually led to the European Union. The student movements that rocked Western Europe in the late 1960s are also well represented.

The West European collection consists of approximately 350,000 books in the various Western languages; 3,000 periodical and newspaper titles; 15,000 pamphlets; 30,000 posters; and more than 850 archival collections.

Maciej Siekierski
senior curator
research fellow

Maciej Siekierski is curator of the European Collections at the Hoover Institution Archives and a research fellow at the Hoover Institution.

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May 29, 2007

West European Collection

French World War II poster

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