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August 14, 2012 | Wall Street Journal

Ryan and the Fundamental Economic Debate

June 5, 2012 | Wall Street Journal

Why This Slow Recovery Is Like No Recovery

The U.S. economy lost about 10% relative to trendline growth. To make up the shortfall, we need to average more than 3% growth a year for several years...
May 10, 2012 | Wall Street Journal

Stimulus Spending Keeps Failing

If austerity is so terrible, how come Germany and Sweden have done so well?...
January 9, 2012 | Wall Street Journal

An Exit Strategy From the Euro

The euro can be phased out the same way Europe's individual currencies were. The bonds of troubled member states would benefit as a result...
September 11, 2011 | New York Times

How to Really Save the Economy

It will not work to announce a new $450 billion jobs plan while promising vaguely to pay for it with fiscal restraint over the next 10 years...
August 24, 2011 | Wall Street Journal

Keynesian Economics vs. Regular Economics

Food stamps and other transfers aren't necessarily bad ideas, but there's no evidence they spur growth...
August 8, 2011 | Wall Street Journal

How to Get That AAA Rating Back

Reagan inherited economic problems and fixed them. Obama's strategy is to blame Bush and Standard & Poor's...
August 3, 2011 | Financial Times

The coming crises of governments

The global crises of financial and housing markets are now being superseded by the new crises of governments...
July 27, 2011 | Wall Street Journal

Robin Hood Can't Lead Us Out of the Debt Hole

Obama's obsession with higher tax rates on the rich is not helpful...
February 28, 2011 | Wall Street Journal

Unions vs. the Right to Work

Collective bargaining on a broad scale is more similar to an antitrust violation than to a civil liberty...
September 14, 2010 | Wall Street Journal

Obamanomics Meets Incentives

Why cuts in marginal tax rates increase economic growth, but cash for clunkers merely created a boom and bust cycle in auto sales...
August 30, 2010 | Wall Street Journal

The Folly of Subsidizing Unemployment

My calculations suggest the jobless rate could be as low as 6.8%, instead of 9.5%, if jobless benefits hadn't been extended to 99 weeks...
June 22, 2010 | Wall Street Journal

Government Spending Is No Free Lunch

Now the Democrats are peddling voodoo economics...
February 23, 2010 | Wall Street Journal

The Stimulus Evidence One Year On

Over five years, my research shows an extra $600 billion of public spending at the cost of $900 billion in private expenditure. . . .

September 30, 2009 | Wall Street Journal

Stimulus Spending Doesn't Work

The global recession and financial crisis have refocused attention on government stimulus packages...

May 5, 2009 | Wall Street Journal

Pandemics and Depressions

Here we are, struggling to find a way out of the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, when along comes the possibility of a global influenza epidemic...

March 3, 2009 | Wall Street Journal

What Are the Odds of a Depression?

Central questions these days are how severe will the U.S. economic downturn be and how long will it last?...

January 22, 2009 | Wall Street Journal

Government Spending Is No Free Lunch

Back in the 1980s, many commentators ridiculed as voodoo economics the extreme supply-side view that across-the-board cuts in income-tax rates might raise overall tax revenues...

June 19, 2007 | Wall Street Journal

Bill Gates's Charitable Vistas

Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, helped create a revolutionary computer software company, and earlier this month collected an honorary degree from Harvard University...


November 23, 2010 | Free Exchange (The Economist)

Thoughts on QE2

A LOT has been written recently, pro and con, about the Fed’s new round of quantitative easing, dubbed QE2. But, frankly, much of the discussion on both sides lacks a coherent analytical framework for thinking about the key issues. I try here to provide such a framework...


September 16, 2011 | Street Smart (Bloomberg Television)

Barro, Galbraith Debate U.S. Economic Policy

Robert Barro, an economics professor at Harvard University, and James Galbraith, a professor at the University of Texas in Austin, talk about the U.S. economy, the effectiveness of fiscal austerity versus stimulus and ways to spur growth...
August 2, 2011 | John Batchelor Show

Robert Barro on the John Batchelor Show

GUESTS: Co-host Larry Kudlow, CNBC and 77 WABC; Salena Zito, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; Robert Barro, Hoover; David Drucker, Roll Call...
September 17, 2010 | Bloomberg

Harvard's Barro Interview on Tax Cuts

Robert Barro, an economics professor at Harvard University, talks about the outlook for extending the tax cuts enacted under President George W. Bush...
July 23, 2010 | C-SPAN

Current and Future Economic Stimulus

Harvard economist Robert J. Barro talked about about his theory that stimulus spending by the federal government decreases spending in the private sector. Following his remarks, he responded to audience members' questions...
April 2, 2010 | Five Books

The Lessons of the Great Depression

Barro’s critique of the Obama stimulus package provoked a sharp attack from Paul Krugman in The New York Times, which brought a spirited response from Barro. Basing his arguments on his empirical work, Barro takes issue with some common assumptions about the Great Depression, and how America got out of it.

Other Media

February 19, 2009 | Tax Foundation

Robert Barro, Professor of Economics at Harvard University: Criticism of the Federal Stimulus Package

In this edition of the Tax Policy Podcast, we turn to the recently passed federal stimulus package...

February 20, 2009 | Tax Foundation

Robert Barro, Professor of Economics at Harvard University: Criticism of the Federal Stimulus Package

In this edition of the Tax Policy Podcast, we turn to the recently passed federal stimulus package...

February 1, 2009 | Economist's Voice

Demand Side Voodoo Economics

Robert Barro, Paul W. Warburg Professor of Economics at Harvard, questions the plausibility of large fiscal stimulus estimates...

February 5, 2009 | Atlantic Monthly

An interview with Robert Barro

I spoke with Robert Barro of Harvard yesterday about the stimulus bill, fiscal policy, and related issues in macroeconomics...

August 4, 2008 | EconTalk

Barro on Disasters

Robert Barro of Harvard University and Stanford University's Hoover Institution talks about disasters--significant national and international catastrophes such as the Great Depression, war, and the flu epidemic in the early part of the 20th century...

July 17, 2006 | EconTalk

Barro on Growth

Russ Roberts interviews Robert Barro, Harvard University Professor and Hoover Institution Senior Fellow, on the economics of growth, what the developed world can do to help poor people around the world, and the role of US assets and the dollar in world finance…