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Taylor Jones cartoon

Featured commentary

Obama’s 1979 National Review Online


Odd Thoughts on Cairo Corner (National Review Online)

Judge Vinson Issues His Health Care Law Ruling: What’s Next? Advancing a Free Society

Clarification on Consumer Surplus EconLog

Fiscal Sanity vs. Fiscal Insanity Thoughtful Ideas

Robert Samuelson misunderstands Cafe Hayek

Why We Train Foreign Militaries Advancing a Free Society

Obama is Sinking the US Dollar to China’s Benefit Big Peace

Former Guantanamo Detainee Convicted in Italy Lawfare

Other media

Obama the Radical with Stanley Kurtz: Chapter 3 of 5 Uncommon Knowledge

Thinking About Torture Policy Review

The Road to (and from) the 2010 Elections Policy Review

A Battle Begun, Not Won Education Next

Home Economics Policy Review

Market Capitalism, State-Style Policy Review

The Rush to Condemn Genetically Modified Crops Policy Review

Pyrrhic Victories? Education Next


Mubarak under fire Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN)

The Iranian Revolution Echoes in Egypt Pajamas Media

Kiron Skinner discusses President Reagan's Birthday on WOSU All Sides with Ann Fisher (WOSU)

Kiron Skinner on the John Batchelor Show John Batchelor Show

Update on Egypt Charlie Rose

Eric Hanushek on teacher bonuses Education Front Blog (Dallas Morning News)

“No Child Left Behind” Left Behind—for the more flexible “Every Child Counts”? Patt Morrison (KPCC)

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