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Taylor Jones cartoon

Featured commentary

The Slaughter That Muslims Could Not Ignore Wall Street Journal

Mission Lost City Journal


Can Poor Countries Afford Democracy? Becker-Posner Blog

Bin Laden Fallout Corner (National Review Online)

President Obama’s Signing Statement on “Czars” Advancing a Free Society

Oh Canada!!! Thoughtful Ideas

A Morale Booster for the Financial Front Too Economics One

Third to the Killing Advancing a Free Society

A Republican Debate That Begins by Asking: Why Have This Debate? Advancing a Free Society

A Response to Deborah Pearlstein Lawfare

Other media

The Middle East with Michael Totten: Chapter 3 of 5 Uncommon Knowledge

Should bin Laden have been captured and tried? Reuters

Santorum, Huntsman set up political committees as they eye White House campaigns Associated Press

Repeal Title IX Defining Ideas (Hoover Institution)


Colonel Joe Felter on the Gil Gross Show Gil Gross Show (KGO)

Condoleezza Rice on Future of War on Terror Fox and Friends (Fox News)

Rice: this shows us patience pays off Morning Joe (MSNBC)

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