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Taylor Jones cartoon

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Five Lessons for Deficit Busters Wall Street Journal


The Slow Economic Recovery Becker-Posner Blog

The Metaphysics of Contemporary Theft Works and Days

What Allies Are Worth Advancing a Free Society

Just Win Advancing a Free Society

The Hunt(sman) for Reagan Democrats? Advancing a Free Society

What’s the Goal in Libya? Corner (National Review Online)

President Obama Rejected DOJ and DOD Advice, and Sided with Harold Koh, on War Powers Resolution Lawfare

Turkey Gets Serious Advancing a Free Society

Afghanistan Strategy Review, Mod 4 Shadow Government (Foreign Policy)

California in the Dark Ages Liberating Learning

Other media

Munger on Exchange, Exploitation and Euvoluntary Transactions EconTalk

The War Against Girls Wall Street Journal

Loosening Putin’s grip Washington Post

California Democrats fuming over Gov. Brown's veto of state budget Sacramento Bee


Michael Spence on the John Batchelor Show John Batchelor Show

Libya and the War Powers Resolution Forum with Michael Krasny (KQED)

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