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Fidel Castro Attacks GOP; Putin's Favorite Books Newsweek

Russia, and the Putin Rules: A Pessimistic Assessment Forbes


Announcing the Lawfare Podcast Lawfare

Wealth and Income Taxes on the Rich Becker-Posner Blog

What We Do Not Want to Hear Anymore Works and Days

Four Decades of Feminist Journalism Celebrated at Stanford Thoughtful Ideas

The "Bubble:" How a High-School Dropout Taught Me Capital Theory EconLog

Advice for Romney: I Have Seen State Health Care Up Close and It Does Not Work What Paul Gregory Is Thinking About (Blog)

Anarchy, the New Threat (blog)

Washington Insiders Favor ESEA Flexibility in Theory but Not in Reality Education Next

Other media

Where Will New U.S. Jobs Come From? Stanford Magazine

Gingrich's link to Reagan comes under scrutiny San Francisco Chronicle

GOP no longer feels need to hide its incivility San Francisco Chronicle

Fama on Finance EconTalk

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