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Taylor Jones cartoon

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Academic Hypocrisy Creators Syndicate

Nuclear Realities National Review Online

Peculiar proliferation of Palestine refugees Washington Times

Widow Martha Pays More Than Warren Buffett and His Secretary Combined

The People of Blood and Jihad FrontPage Magazine


Wikileaks, Government Prosecutions, Secrecy Lawfare

As Time Goes By... Corner (National Review Online)

If It Ain’t Brokered, Don’t Fix It? Advancing a Free Society

Illegal Immigration Becker-Posner Blog

Obama at Boeing to Praise the Dreamliner He Almost Killed What Paul Gregory Is Writing About

Good News From Afghanistan Advancing a Free Society

Demand for Special Operations Will Increase Debate Club (U.S. News & World Report)

A Bewildered Reply to Mary Dudziak Lawfare

Other media

Is This the End of Market Democracy? Campaign Stops (New York Times)

Uncommon Knowledge special edition: Newt Gingrich Uncommon Knowledge

The Oil Market Panic Defining Ideas (Hoover Institution)


Richard Epstein on the John Batchelor Show John Batchelor Show

Tod Lindberg on the John Batchelor Show John Batchelor Show

Tunku Varadarajan on the John Batchelor Show John Batchelor Show

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