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Taylor Jones cartoon

Featured commentary

Why shouldn't law clinics help farmers? Baltimore Sun

Bad faith and bad science from NRDC Daily Caller (DC)


Digital Learning in Utah: Devil is in the Details Education Next

Mark Martins Comments on Nashiri Motions Hearing Lawfare

Can the Afghan war be won? Advancing a Free Society

Al Sharpton in ‘Partnership’ with Eric Holder? Corner (National Review Online)

The Ten Pillars of Economic Wisdom EconLog

More on the budgetary effect of health care reform Advancing a Free Society

Not Proven: The DOJ suit Against Apple for eBook Pricing Ricochet

Other media

Constitutional Footsie Defining Ideas (Hoover Institution)

American Culture with Charles Murray: Chapter 5 of 5 Uncommon Knowledge

Economic debate: John Taylor and Larry Summers Stanford Report


Facing Tougher Sanctions, Iran Enters Nuclear Talks KQED

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