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Taylor Jones cartoon

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Decline or Decadence? National Review

A Guide to the 2012 Social Security Trustees Report e21, Economic Policies for the 21st Century

This Chinese blockbuster thriller might end in reform Guardian (UK)

Anti-Technology Activists Are The Real Slime Forbes


Two New CRS Reports Related to the NDAA Lawfare

Do Americans want to raise tax rates or complain about their taxes? Advancing a Free Society

Diamond and Saez Ignore the Effects of Higher Marginal Tax Rates Advancing a Free Society

Other media

Race and Violence, the European Way Defining Ideas (Hoover Institution)

The U.S. & the World with Patrick J. Buchanan: Chapter 4 of 5 Uncommon Knowledge


Terry Anderson on John Batchelor Show John Batchelor Show

Kori Schake on John Batchelor Show John Batchelor Show

Victor Davis Hanson on John Batchelor John Batchelor Show

How Long Will Social Security Last? NPR

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