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Hoover Daily Report by topic: Drug Control

August 25, 2013 | TribLive

George P. Shultz Says We Should Decriminalize Personal-Use Drugs

George P. Shultz is a distinguished fellow at the Hoover Institution, a think tank based at Stanford University in Stanford, Calif. One of a handful ...
April 30, 2012 | Wall Street Journal

Letter: The War on Drugs Itself Is Causing Most of the Damage

Prohibition causes the huge profits enriching crooked officials and violent criminals, and the government causes great harm when it puts millions of Americans in jail to protect them from themselves...
March 28, 2012 |

The Real Dope On Medical Marijuana

If marijuana has therapeutic potential, it should be required to pass muster with the FDA like any other medicine...
June 11, 2011 | Wall Street Journal

A Real Debate About Drug Policy

George P. Shultz and Paul A. Volcker on why the 'war on drugs' has failed—and what to do next...
February 3, 2011 | Advancing a Free Society

Analyzing the Proposition 19 Election Results

Although Proposition 19 was narrowly defeated, three and a half million voters (47%) voted in favor of Legalizing, Taxing and Controlling Marijuana in last November’s California election...
December 12, 2010 | Becker-Posner Blog

The American War on Drugs is Not Only an American Disaster

Whatever one’s views on the initial case for making drugs illegal, the cost has been tremendous, and in many aspects unanticipated...
October 29, 2010 | Corner (National Review Online)

Can’t We All Just Get a Bong?

Polls show Prop 19 trailing. But are voters afraid to tell pollsters what they’re really thinking...?
October 25, 2010 | Calitics (Washington Post Political Blog Network)

Let's be honest: The war against marijuana has failed.

Proposition 19 will take marijuana out of the hands of criminals and put it into the hands of licensed vendors. That way, it will be easier to keep it away from our children. That's why I am asking you to join me and many others in law enforcement by voting YES on Proposition 19...
October 23, 2010 | EconLog

The Supremacy Clause

Some opponents of California's Proposition 19, which I posted about earlier, claim that if it passes, California's state law will conflict with federal law on marijuana. Then, they argue, because of the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution, federal law will dominate...
August 10, 2010 | EconLog

Mark Kleiman on Responsibility

In the video on this page, economist Mark Kleiman, whose expertise is on the drug war, tells of an interesting approach taken by a Hawaiian judge to make people keep their promises not to use illegal drugs...[W]hat I found interesting is Professor Kleiman's idea of responsibility...