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January 21, 2012 | What Paul Gregory Is Writing About

Talk About Unanticipated Consequences

ABC, CNN and Juan Williams May Have Made Gingrich President...
January 12, 2012 | EconLog

Caplan, Kahneman, Bastiat, and the First Amendment

Bryan Caplan's post earlier this week, "Eureka! Economic Illiteracy as Mental Substitution," is one of his best ever...
January 4, 2012 | Wall Street Journal

The GOP's Not-So-Great Communicators

No one should judge politicians on rhetoric alone. But to govern, presidents do need to interest, move and compel us: They need to be good speakers...
January 3, 2012 | National Review Online

Goodbye, Mr. Hitchens

Memories of an unusual and rewarding acquaintanceship...
January 2, 2012 |

Why Don't the Republicans Play the Media Bias Game On Economic Reporting?

Finding a way to get its economic message across should be a top priority of the Republican Party...
November 9, 2011 | Creators Syndicate

The Real Scandal

The real scandal in the accusations against Herman Cain is the corruption of the law, the media and politics...
November 6, 2011 | Advancing a Free Society

Obama 365

One thing you probably noticed as your Sunday progressed: the clock fell back an hour; it got dark early. And one thing you probably missed: we’re exactly a year away from the presidential vote. 365 days – and closing...
October 26, 2011 | National Review Online

Obama’s Target List

While calling for civility, Obama demonizes everyone in sight...
October 25, 2011 |

BPA Is Still OK

Studies on BPA from both sides need to be not only reported but also put into proper, real-world context for readers and viewers. Make an effort to understand the science and dig a little deeper...
October 25, 2011 | Creators Syndicate

The Media and 'Bullying'

The current media and political crusade against "bullying" in schools seems to be based on what groups are in vogue at the moment...