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Hoover Daily Report by topic: Child Care and Development

March 29, 2010 | Thoughtful Ideas

Universal Health Care: One Giant Step for Mankind?

First Lady Michelle Obama has made health care a central part of her portfolio. . . .

March 28, 2010 | Chicago Tribune

Larger class sizes ahead as teachers collect pink slips

As thousands of Illinois teachers receive pink slips in this spring's brutal budget season, parents can do the math: Fewer teachers equals higher class sizes. . . .

March 19, 2010 | Newsweek

Debate: Are Teachers’ Unions the Problem—or the Answer?

Long overshadowed by other domestic issues, education-policy reform has begun moving up on the Obama administration's agenda. . . .

March 21, 2010 | Creators Syndicate

Education Lessons Are Lost on Obama

I can't pinpoint the moment when the Obama administration went wrong on the subject of education. . . .

March 20, 2010 | Wall Street Journal

The Case for Saturday School

How many days a year did the future Alexander the Great study with Aristotle? . . .

March 16, 2010 | Intelligence Squared US (NY)

Don’t blame teachers unions for our failing schools

Individual teachers, perhaps the overwhelming majority of them do care about their students but the union's job is to advocate for teachers, not for education. . . .

March 16, 2010 | Economist (subscription required)

The next test

Barack Obama’s plan to overhaul No Child Left Behind. . . .

March 15, 2010 | Freedom Communications

Textbook fight illustrates government school problem

In my own field of work, university education, there are a great many who scoff at the idea of privatization, something that is exactly how a free society should handle all education from primary to post graduate schools. . . .

March 13, 2010 | EconLog

Does Schooling Create Positive Externalities?

Last night, I was a guest of San Jose State University's economics department on a bus ride through Pebble Beach, complete with drinks and hors d'oeuvres. . . .

March 13, 2010 | USA Today

Duncan wants 3 ratings for schools in education overhaul

The Obama administration will ask Congress to toss out the two-tiered pass/fail school rating system of the No Child Left Behind education law and replace it with one that labels schools one of three ways: high-performing, needs improvement or chronically low-performing, according to U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan. . . .