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Hoover Daily Report by topic: Charter Schools

July 25, 2013 | Sacramento Bee

National Ed Reform Leader to Idaho Charter School Network

June 27, 2013 | Diverse

Economists Seek National Effort to Increase Selective College Applications, Enrollment by Low-Income Students

February 20, 2013 | Wall Street Journal

Perverse Incentives of the Lawyers Guild

December 7, 2012 | New York Post

Park Slope’s New Diversity Problem

October 18, 2012 | Defining Ideas (Hoover Institution)

The Future Of School Choice

September 20, 2012 | Education Next

New Survey Shows Majority Of Independent Voters Favor Charter Schools, Feel Unions Do ‘More Harm Than Good’

April 17, 2012 | Atlantic

The Paradox of Public Education

Schools are controlled by the government, but they serve specific communities with niche needs. How can education be publicly funded but privately managed...
February 7, 2012 | Education Next

The Right Role for the Federal Government

Give parents the information they need to pick their school of choice...