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Hoover Daily Report by topic: No Child Left Behind

January 9, 2014 | Tell Me More (NPR)

Caroline Hoxby on Tell Me More (:59)

Deadlines to apply for colleges are coming up - and some experts say a lot of qualified minority students won't be applying to the top schools. Host Michel Martin speaks with Donald Fraser, Jr., of CollegeSnapps, Inc. and Caroline Hoxby, an economist at Stanford University about why some students of color aren't trying to get into prestigious schools.
May 24, 2012 | Education Next

The Romney Education Plan

Replacing Federal Overreach on Accountability with Federal Overreach on School Choice...
May 8, 2012 | Education Next

A States’ Rights Insurrection Led by…California?

Three cheers for California’s governor, state superintendent, and state board chair, for applying for a waiver from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (aka No Child Left Behind) that doesn’t kowtow to Washington...
April 6, 2012 | Washington Times

Obama’s education grade left behind by Bush’s

President funneled money to teachers’ salaries rather than teaching success...
January 5, 2012 | Huffington Post

Five Thoughts About No Child Left Behind on Its 10th Anniversary

The federal law that everybody loves to hate turns ten on Sunday. Here's what to think about it...
November 7, 2011 | Education Next

What Do the Latest NAEP Scores Tell Us about NCLB?

Now that Congress is talking about reauthorizing NCLB, it struck me that it would be worthwhile to see what the latest results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tell us about the direction the nation has moved in the years since the law was passed...
October 11, 2011 | Education Next

Are NCLB Waivers Legal?

In truth, the Executive is seeking to make law. Imposing such conditions has never been approved by Congress, and the federal waiver law does not permit it...
September 23, 2011 | Corner (National Review Online)

The Unilateral Repeal of NCLB and the 2012 Election

The Obama administration’s new waiver plan doesn’t officially repeal the No Child Left Behind Act, but it is tantamount to making large-scale amendments to it. Which it does unilaterally, without even a thumbs-up from Congress...
August 30, 2011 | Freedom Politics

Are NCLB waivers legal?

Here we have the U.S. Department of Education, a part of the Executive branch, saying that -- to receive waivers from NCLB sanctions -- the states must agree to conditions set by the Department. Yet these conditions are found nowhere in NCLB...
January 28, 2011 | Education Next

A New “Washington Consensus” is Born

This week has witnessed the emergence of a new Washington Consensus, apparent in President Obama’s education-obsessed State of the Union address, a bipartisan conference call with key Senate leaders, and a supportive column by the country’s most widely read conservative...