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Hoover Daily Report by topic: Post-Secondary Education

February 22, 2010 | EconTalk

Garett Jones on Macro and Twitter

Garett Jones of George Mason University talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the art of communicating economics via puzzles and short provocative insights. . . .

February 10, 2010 | National Review

'Progress toward equity'

Thomas Sowell's column today digs into the recent controversy in Berkeley where the "racial achievement gap" (i.e., white and Asian students doing better than black and Latino students) is to be attacked by reducing the amount spent on science education so as to spend more on social work and remediation. . . .

February 10, 2010 | Business Wire

Education Next: Charter Schools Show Increased Rates of High School Graduation and College Enrollment, According to New Study

In the first-ever analysis of the impacts of charter school attendance on educational attainment, educational researchers Kevin Booker and Brian Gill of Mathematica Policy Research, Tim R. Sass of Florida State University, and Ron Zimmer of Michigan State University find that attending charter high schools is associated with higher graduation rates and college attendance. . . .

February 4, 2010 | Times Higher Education (UK)

US scholar claims intellectuals played ruinous role in a century of horrors

Intellectuals - and particularly academics - have been accused by one of their own of making the world a worse and more dangerous place in the 20th century. . . .

February 1, 2010 | Bloomberg

Obama Seeks to Replace ‘No Child’ Accountability

The Obama administration will propose a new system for how states measure the success or failure of their public schools as part of an overhaul of the 2002 No Child Left Behind law. . . .

January 27, 2010 | Harvard University Gazette

HKS’s Belfer Center creates Ernest May Fellowship

The Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs has announced a new initiative to help build the next generation of men and women who will bring professional history to bear on strategic studies and major issues of international affairs. . . .

January 27, 2010 | Education Week (subscription required)

What Is 'Excellence for All'?

Meeting Kids Where They Are—Not Where We Wish They Were . . . .

January 25, 2010 | Economics One (blog)

Opinions versus Facts About the Chicago School

New Yorker writer John Cassidy argues in a recent article that free market-oriented Chicago school thinking was largely responsible for the financial crisis . . . .

January 14, 2010 | Education Week (subscription required)

College and the Workforce: What 'Readiness' Means

After Years of Advocacy, Attention Is Paying Off. . . .

January 13, 2010 | Stanford Daily

Hoxby: increasingly selective colleges are the exception

As the number of high school graduates rose to a record high at the end of the decade, Ivy League colleges were reporting record-low acceptance rates, leading many to believe that the college admissions process was becoming more competitive than ever. . . .