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June 23, 2011 | Education Next

Charter School Pensions: The Sum of Teacher Unions’ Fears

As if the teachers unions need another reason to hate charter schools, here’s one: The finding, from a new Fordham Institute report, that when given a chance to opt out of state pension systems, many charter schools take it...
June 10, 2011 | Washington Times

Independently audit test scores

Incentives for success give educators, students reason to cheat...
June 7, 2011 | Creators Syndicate

Different Decisions

Two unrelated news stories on the same day show the contrast between government decisions and private decisions...
June 3, 2011 | Cincinnati Enquirer

Teacher merit pay will move districts forward

Moving toward a fairer and more modern system of gauging teacher effectiveness and using that information to inform personnel decisions will give districts the flexibility their leaders crave -and need even more when budgets are shrinking...
April 14, 2011 | Education Next

The New Unionism, Legislative Version

An expanding list of states has joined in legislative battles over the future character of collective bargaining, a territory that was completely uncharted six months ago...
April 9, 2011 | Columbus Dispatch (OH)

Evaluation of teachers must improve

Given how powerfully teachers can alter students' life trajectories, it is not only prudent but imperative to push reforms that enable education leaders to distinguish effective teachers from ineffective ones...
April 7, 2011 | Education Next

Are Experienced Teachers Really That Much Better?

...[A]ccording to a study Matthew Chingos and I just completed, teachers get better in the first few years of teaching, and then their performance slips in later years...
April 5, 2011 | Education Next

Valuing Teachers

How much is a good teacher worth...?
March 31, 2011 | Education Next

What Would Al Shanker Do?

I strongly encourage you to read Richard Kahlenberg‘s brilliant 2007 biography of Albert Shanker, Tough Liberal...What struck me most about the book was the status of the teaching profession before Shanker and his colleagues won the right to collectively bargain in 1960...
March 27, 2011 | Room for Debate (New York Times)

How to Raise the Status of Teachers: Restructure Compensation

The current budget crisis could pave the way for a restructured teacher compensation system along these lines once the money returns...