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Winter 2007
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  • Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman, 94
  • Hoover Institution awarded National Humanities Medal
  • Education Next lauded in research center study
  • Q&A: Abraham Sofaer on fundamentals for action in Iraq
  • International issues dominate fall retreat
  • And more...

Fall 2006
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  • Board of Overseers: Historian David McCullough raises alarm about American history curriculum
  • Koret Task Force releases Florida school reforms assessment
  • Library and Archives present 'A Tear in the Iron Curtain: The Hungarian Uprising of 1956'
  • Q&A: Morris Fiorina on the so-called red-state, blue-state divide
  • Hoover cosponsors conference on T.V. Soong and Nationalist China during World War II
  • And more...

Summer 2006
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  • Power, politics are themes of spring retreat
  • Society of Labor Economists honors Edward Lazear, 3 named fellows
  • Hoover Studies Series books are winning plans for policy discussions
  • Herbert Hoover in Poland exhibit showcases commitment to Poland and its people
  • Hoover Fellows join Stanford collaboration to identify and respond to global issues
  • And more...

Spring 2006
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  • Edward P. Lazear sworn in as Chairman of President's Council of Economic Advisers
  • Hoover Fellow Shelby Steele awarded 2006 Bradley Prize
  • Photocopies of Chiang Kai-shek diaries now open for researchers
  • President George Bush meets with board of overseers in Washington
  • President George W. Bush, Hoover fellows meet
  • And more...

Winter 2006
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  • Edward Lazear nominated to chair President's Council of Economic Advisers
  • Florida Governor Jeb Bush points to successful "big," "bold" ideas for education reform
  • Fall retreat: speakers address U.S. domestic policy, efforts to spread democracy
  • Treasure trove of Hoover Archives is source for "A Wealth of Ideas" exhibit
  • Papers of Richard Davies, former U.S. ambassador to Poland, received
  • And more...

Fall 2005
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  • Senior Fellow Kevin M. Murphy named MacArthur fellow
  • Russian minister of foreign affairs cites partnership, shared challenges of Russia and United States in talk
  • Distinguished Visiting Fellow Diane Ravitch honored with two awards
  • Uncommon Knowledge™'s final bow creates treasure trove for scholars
  • Hoover's Nobel laureates discuss current economic challenges
  • And more...

Summer 2005
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  • Uncommon KnowledgeTM panel tackles preventive force issues during conference
  • Hoover launches new series with book debut in D.C.
  • "American Friendship" exhibit draws crowds across Poland, opens in Krakow
  • Q&A: Scott Atlas on a remedy for health-care costs
  • Spring Retreat presentations feature Middle East, America's future
  • And more...

Spring 2005
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  • Alberto Gonzales, U.S. Attorney General, discusses vision for U.S. Department of Justice at Board of Overseers Meeting
  • Within Our Reach debuts, Koret Task Force takes case for No Child Left Behind Act to Washington
  • Modern China archives unveiled and celebrated with presentations
  • Iran's political prospects are focus of democracy project's symposium
  • Hoover studies series leads with critique of 9/11 commission report
  • And more...

Winter 2005
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  • Senior Fellow Condoleezza Rice sworn in as U.S. secretary of state
  • Hoover Institution joins Woodrow Wilson Center in conference on Cold War broadcasting impact
  • Exhibit at Warsaw's Royal Castle celebrates Herbert Hoover's Polish legacy
  • Fordham Foundation Prize goes to Senior Fellow Terry Moe
  • Q&A: David Brady on the new world of election polling
  • And more...

Fall 2004
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  • Governor Schwarzenegger joins Hoover Board of Overseers for dinner, speech
  • Gen. John Abizaid, former national security affairs fellow, addresses war in Iraq
  • National fellows for 2004–2005 arrive
  • Legendary economist Aaron Director dies at age 102
  • Q&A: Charles Hill on the 9/11 commission
  • And more...

Summer 2004
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  • Hoover hosts conference on Iran; Nobel recipient Shrin Ebadi speaks
  • Ronald Reagan, Honorary Fellow
  • Robert Conquest named to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Kiron Skinner appointed to two top federal panels
  • Koret Task Force releases Texas education reform plan
  • And more...

Spring 2004
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  • Federal officials, journalists, Hoover fellows discuss domestic and world affairs at Board of Overseers meeting
  • Hoover SIEPR share $5 million gift in honor of George P. Shultz
  • President Bush names Henry S. Rowen to panel on weapons of mass destruction
  • Papers of T.V. Soong to be opened
  • Niall Ferguson, Victor Davis Hanson, A. Micheal Spence named Senior Fellows
  • And more...

Winter 2004
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  • Fall Retreat takes on timely topics with speakers, presentations
  • President Bush nominates Koret Task Force members to National Board for Education Sciences
  • The Big Show in Bololand is cowinner of prestigious 2003 Marshall Shulman book prize
  • Eric Hanushek awarded Fordham Prize for scholarship
  • Q&A: Williamson Evers on assisting Iraq's education system
  • And more...

Fall 2002
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  • Summer Board of Overseers meeting celebrates with carillon rededication ceremony
  • Koret Task Force convenes; former UK chief inspector of schools speaks
  • David Brady named Associate Director, Chester Finn is Senior Fellow
  • National Fellows program begins fourth decade
  • Q&A: Terry Moe on vouchers as constitutional and inevitable
  • And more...

Summer 2002
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  • President Bush honors Milton Friedman for lifetime achievements
  • Foreign Service training center renamed in honor of George P. Shultz
  • Edward P. Lazear named Cox Senior Fellow
  • Q&A: Dinesh D'Souza on ten great things about America
  • And more...

Spring 2002
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  • Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice address overseers, guests during Washington meeting
  • Koret Foundation honors task force on K–12 education
  • Senior Fellow Bark awarded France's Legion of Honor
  • Carillon bells return
  • Q&A: Paul Peterson on American education and the need for competition
  • And more...

Winter 2002
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  • William F. Buckley Jr. highlights Fall Retreat
  • In memoriam W. Glenn Campbell
  • New exhibit celebrates Nobel centennial
  • Eight fellows appointed to U.S. Defense Policy Board advisory committee
  • Q&A: Abraham Sofaer on ending games with terrorists
  • And more...