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Policy Review by topic: Political Philosophy

February 1, 2013

Left 3.0

Obama and the emergence of a newer left
October 2, 2012

The Expanding Power of the Presidency

Jay Cost on The President’s Czars: Undermining Congress and the Constitution by Mitchel A. Sollenberger and Mark J. Rozell
June 1, 2012

Forty Years of Originalism

The development and future of a judicial philosophy
June 1, 2012

Reading into the Constitution

Peter Berkowitz on Living Originalism by Jack M. Balkin
December 1, 2011

No Thanks to Gratitude

Struggling to keep national memory and appreciation alive
December 1, 2011

Gordon Wood's America

Peter Berkowitz on The Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States by Gordon Wood

August 1, 2011

Conservative Humility, Liberal Irony

Getting to the bottom of two temperaments
June 1, 2011

The Constitution and Its Critics

Taking another look at America’s fundamental document
April 1, 2011

Power and Arrogance

David Shorr on The End of Arrogance: America in the Global Competition of Ideas by Steven Weber and Bruce Jentleson.

February 1, 2011

Cuba’s Lost History

Reclaiming the pre-Castro national character