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Policy Review by topic: Political Philosophy

September 1, 1996

AmeriCorps the Beautiful?

Should conservatives support Clinton's national-service programs?

September 1, 1996

Can Government Save the Family?

A symposium with Sen. John Ashcroft, David Blankenhorn, James Dobson, Gov. John Engler, William Galston, Kay James, D. James Kennedy, Rep. Steve Largent, Dan Quayle, Paul Weyrich

July 1, 1996

The Naturalizers

Raising the standards for American citizenship

May 1, 1996

Spirit of '96

The states carry the Republican revolution forward

May 1, 1996

We Hold These Truths

Rep. J.D. Hayworth on powers Congress cannot delegate

March 1, 1996

Can Congress Revive Civil Society?

With responses from Gertrude Himmelfarb, Don Eberly & David Boaz

September 1, 1995

Norman's Conquest

A commentary on the Podhoretz legacy

September 1, 1995

We the Slave Owners

In Jefferson's America, were some men not created equal?

September 1, 1995

Original Thomas, Conventional Souter

What kind of justices should the next president pick?

June 1, 1995

100 Days That Shook the World?

The Historical Significance of the Contract With America