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May 17, 2009 | San Francisco Chronicle

Schwarzenegger's vaunted salesmanship tested

In the wildly diverse worlds of bodybuilding, movies and politics, Arnold Schwarzenegger has consistently marshaled one critical skill - an uncanny knack for salesmanship - to catapult him to the top of his class...

May 17, 2009 | NewsMax

Thomas Sowell: Regulators Started Housing Crisis

Respected economist Dr. Thomas Sowell, author of the new book "The Housing Boom and Bust," tells Newsmax that the current housing crisis can be blamed on pressure from government officials seeking to remedy a "problem that didn't exist."...

May 15, 2009 | Australian

Model of reinvention

KEVIN Rudd was a fiscal conservative, then a neo-interventionist, now he's an instrumental rationalist, but for how long?...

May 14, 2009 | Reuters

Landlord of last resort ponders eventual open house

If Federal Reserve officials think U.S. homeowners are having a tough time selling into a depressed market, just wait until they try to offload the mother of all jumbo mortgages: a $366 billion portfolio of real estate bonds that continues to grow...

May 14, 2009 | Reuters

Rates traders brace for potential Fed rate hike

Short-term interest rate traders are bracing for the possibility the Federal Reserve could begin raising interest rates later this year, even though many economists don't see the Fed moving any time soon...

May 13, 2009 | Idaho Statesman

Fed's easy money has not spurred the economy

These days, borrowing is hard, but money is easy...

May 14, 2009 | Shanghai Daily

Tending the garden of China-US relations

THE US-China economic relationship is one of the most important bilateral relationships in the world - offering extraordinary benefits to both sides...

May 13, 2009 | Deseret News (UT)

Economist urges: Avoid protectionism

In tough economic times, the tendency is to take care of yourself, even at the expense of others...

May 13, 2009 | Bloomberg

Taylor Says Fed May Not Have Much Time Before Rate Rise Needed

The Federal Reserve may soon need to raise interest rates, said John Taylor, the former Treasury official who devised the “Taylor Rule,” a formula for rate- setting based on the outlook for inflation and growth...

May 13, 2009 | Bloomberg

Treasuries Rise After Retail Sales Unexpectedly Drop in April

Treasuries rose after a government report showed retail sales unexpectedly fell in April, suggesting the economy remains mired in recession...