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Programmatic Themes

The research output of Hoover combines the endeavors of individual scholars and an ambitious institutional research agenda. This remarkably varied and distinguished community of scholars works within the framework of three overarching programs:

American Institutions and Economic Performance
This program looks at interrelationships of U.S. political and legal institutions and economic activity, as well as the role of government in economic and social affairs. Determining the appropriate role of government in achieving greater economic proficiency, while simultaneously solving or providing relief from persistent social problems is a crucial aspect of assessing our economy's performance. Economic growth, federalism, government tax and fiscal policy, entitlement programs, public education and educational choice, and health care and regulatory reform are all topics of interest addressed by this program.

Democracy and Free Markets
Studying political economy in countries around the world, scholars in this program examine two profound global trends: (1) the replacement of authoritarian regimes with democratic processes and institutions and (2) the shift from state control of centrally directed economics to greater reliance on free markets. Topics of interest include the consolidation and strengthening of emerging democracies, policies relating to economic liberalization and democratization of emerging democracies, the restructure of state bureaucracies, effective tax systems, and the role of international assistance programs. The findings of Hoover fellows inform and guide political and economic leaders of emerging democracies, as well as leaders in our own foreign policy-making community.

International Rivalries and Global Cooperation
Within this program, scholars study questions of war and peace as well as all forms of rivalry and cooperation—economic, political, religious, and cultural. Interrelationships among countries have a profound impact on foreign policy, security, and trade. The topics addressed by scholars in this program are the causes and consequences of global conflict, global security policy, principles of statecraft, the changing nature of U.S. military, arms control, European economic unification, the regional trading blocks, and turmoil among ethnic racial and religious groups.

The overarching Programmatic Themes of the Hoover Institution feed into more narrowly tailored Institutional Initiatives, multiyear projects that enable Hoover fellows and other scholars to concentrate on specific and important topics pertaining to the Institution's mission.