fiscal responsibility
societal values
growth of government
economic prosperity
rule of law


The Hoover China-Russia Summer Workshop has yielded numerous insights into the Soviet communist dictatorship. Publications associated with the project have been issued by the Yale-Hoover Series on Stalin, Stalinism and the Cold War and the Hoover Press, in addition to other academic publishers and journals.

The Yale-Hoover Series on Stalin, Stalinism, and the Cold War

Funding Loyalty cover Funding Loyalty
The Economics of the Communist Party
Belova,Eugenia and Lazarev,Valery 2012.
The Lost Politburo Transcript The Lost Politburo Transcripts
From Collective Rule to Stalin's Dictatorship
Gregory, Paul R., and Norman Naimark, eds. 2008.

Hoover Press Books, Policy Review, and Hoover Digest Contributions

Women of the Gulag --Forthcoming
Gregory, Paul R. 2013.
The Economics of Forced Labor
The Soviet Gulag
Gregory, Paul, and Valery Lazarev, eds. 2004.

Other Workshop Monographs, Scholarly Articles, and Prizes