societal values
rule of law
fiscal responsibility
growth of government

Soviet Archives Summer Workshop 2007

  • Golfo Alexopoulos (South Florida)
  • Jörg Baberowski (Humboldt, Berlin)
  • Eugenia Belova (Hoover)
  • Michael Ellman (Amsterdam)
  • Simon Ertz (Stanford)
  • Mark Harrison (Warwick and Hoover)
  • Paul R. Gregory (Houston and Hoover), Director
  • Valery Lazarev (Hoover)
  • Andrei Markevich (Warwick)
  • Dina Moyal (Stanford)
  • Norman Naimark (Stanford and Hoover)
  • Arfon Rees (European University Institute, Florence)
  • Robert Service (Oxford and Hoover)
  • Amir Weiner (Stanford)