Task Forces and Working Groups
Task Forces and Working Groups
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March 13, 2011 | San Francisco Chronicle

Teachers must be evaluated by what students learn

We hear constantly today about the "effective teacher," but who is this effective teacher...?
January 28, 2011 | Education Week (subscription required)

Flaws in a Less Rigorous Education 'Dashboard'

The Obama administration's new online education dashboard highlights the wrong data, and too much of it—giving the public a less than-succinct summary of school and student performance..
December 8, 2010 | Wall Street Journal

A Sputnik Moment for U.S. Education

China delivers another wake-up call to those who think American schools are globally competitive...
November 23, 2010 | New York Post

Senseless 'certificate'

Cathie Black may or may not be a fantastic education-reformer-in-waiting. Michael Bloomberg may or may not have made an inspired selection. But he's the guy responsible for New York schools these days...
November 12, 2010 | Sacramento Bee

Test evaluation put teachers on the spot

In an unexpected action last summer, the Los Angeles Times published the ratings of teacher effectiveness for 6,000 teachers by name. This is a potential game-changer...
November 9, 2010 | Education Next

Teaching Math to the Talented

Which countries—and states—are producing high-achieving students...?
October 27, 2010 | Daily News (NY)

UFT wrong to fight Joel Klein's attempt to release teacher data

New York City's schools chancellor, with the support of Mayor Bloomberg, wants to release the value-added test score results for 12,000 teachers...I've spent many years looking carefully at such data. I know it can be incendiary; I know it has flaws. Still, I strongly support its release...
October 28, 2010 | Education Gadfly (Thomas B. Fordham Institute)

The welcome earthquake

...[A] week before the election we could be sitting on a tectonic fault with the potential to turn into an education earthquake—and that might actually be a blessing. It has to do with teachers, their unions, and U.S. politics—all of which would benefit from some profound movement...
October 19, 2010 | Wall Street Journal

There Is No 'War on Teachers'

There is a growing bipartisan agreement on the importance of rewarding good ones...
October 7, 2010 | National Review Online

Congress and Education Reform

Republicans want to eject Uncle Sam from education; Democrats want to micromanage everything from Washington. What we need is Reform Realism...