Task Forces and Working Groups
Task Forces and Working Groups
Islamism and the international order
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property rights
virtues of a free society
August 25, 2010 | Education Next

Meeting of the Minds

The 2010 EdNext-PEPG Survey shows that, on many education reform issues, Democrats and Republicans hardly disagree...
June 11, 2010 | Education Next

Are Shaker Heights Schools a Success? A Reply to Kahlenberg

To learn that black students in Shaker Heights outperform other African-Americans in Ohio tells us nothing about the quality of Shaker Heights schools...

May 19, 2010 | Education Week (subscription required)

Cry Wolf! This Budget Crunch Is for Real

Looking at the current financial crisis, Eric A. Hanushek warns schools against using old tactics to deal with future budget shortfalls...

May 19, 2010 | Education Week

Cry Wolf! This Budget Crunch Is for Real

The fall in state and local revenues has been serious, saved only by approximately $100 billion in federal stimulus funds for schools. Although the data are hard to find. . . .

April 28, 2010 | Education Week

Did Congress Authorize Race to the Top?

The legislative process is messy, but we are better served in the long term by allowing our elected representatives to decide on the education policies we are to pursue as a nation, rather than having them dictated to us by the executive branch under the guise of a grant program to reward reform and innovation...

April 23, 2010 | Education Next

Have My Views Changed?

Education Week reporter Debbie Viadero and blogger Andy Rotherham suggest that I, in Saving Schools: From Horace Mann to Virtual Learning, have (along with Diane Ravitch) abandoned my support for vouchers and charters Such claims make for good story lines, but the reality is otherwise...

April 21, 2010 | Education Next

Do U.S. Students Spend Enough Time Learning?

Education Next’s Paul Peterson and Chester E. Finn, Jr. talk this week about whether American kids need a longer school day, a longer school year, more time on task, or more customized learning experiences...

April 19, 2010 | Education Week (subscription required)

Finding the Student's 'Price Point'

Each and every student has his or her own price point. The range can be narrowed by creating small, tracked classes, but unless the course is a tutorial, the problem of uneven price points can never be eliminated...

April 6, 2010 | Education Next

E.D. Hirsch and Civic Education

Nathan Glazer talks with Education Next about E.D. Hirsch’s new book, The Making of Americans.

April 5, 2010 | National Journal Expert Blog: Education

Should Undocumented Students Get Federal Support?

Thousands rallied on the National Mall on March 21 in support of comprehensive immigration reform, including the DREAM Act…. Do you suppot the DREAM Act?