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Shultz-Stephenson Task Force on Energy Policy: Books

October 2, 2012

World-Renowned Nuclear Experts Analyze Risks and Rewards of the Nuclear Enterprise in a new book edited by George P. Shultz and Sidney D. Drell

The Nuclear Enterprise: High-Consequence Accidents: How to Enhance Safety and Mi

Hoover Institution Press today released The Nuclear Enterprise: High-Consequence Accidents: How to Enhance Safety and Minimize Risks in Nuclear Weapons and Reactors, a book edited by George P. Shultz and Sidney D. Drell in which contributors examine risks associated with the nuclear enterprise of weapons and power plant accidents. This book emphasizes the importance of adopting essential safety and security measures so as to minimize these risks globally in view of the potentially devastating consequences of accidents in the nuclear enterprise.

July 1, 2012

Powering the Armed Forces: Meeting the Military’s Energy Challenges

Powering the Armed Forces: Meeting the Military’s Energy Challenges by Gary Roug

Powering the Armed Forces offers a perspective on the impressive work now under way in the US military forces to address energy challenges and ultimately achieve energy security. Drawn from a Hoover Institution conference in December 2011, the contributors reveal how energy critically relates to our national security mission and to the effectiveness and safety of our men and women fighting on land, at sea, and in the air—and show that the Defense Department is committed to improving our nation’s energy position.

April 11, 2011

Corn Ethanol: Who Pays? Who Benefits?

book cover image for Corn Ethanol: Who Pays? Who Benefits? by Ken Glozer

In this book, Ken Glozer presents the history, the promises, and the truth about federal corn ethanol policy. The book is based on an in-depth, fact-based evaluation each major claims made by the advocates of the policy. After providing a detailed history of the policy from 1977 to the present, he examines whether any of the claims made by those who advocated the current federal corn ethanol policy are true (he found only one). The policy does indeed create jobs in rural areas of the ten largest corn-producing states in the Midwest but at a high cost to others.

April 1, 2011

Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Climate Change and Energy in the Twenty-first Century

book cover image for Beyond Smoke and Mirrors

Burton Richter is a Nobel Prize–winning scientist who has served on many US and international review committees on climate change and energy issues. He provides a concise overview of the knowledge and uncertainties within climate change science, discusses current energy demand and supply patterns, and the energy options available to cut greenhouse gas emission. This book assesses the sensible, senseless and biased proposals for averting the potentially disastrous consequences of global warming, allowing readers to draw their own conclusions on switching to more-sustainable energy provision.

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November 12, 2010

Conversations about Energy: How the Experts See America's Energy Choices

book cover image

Members of the Hoover Institution’s Shultz-Stephenson Energy Task Force offer ideas and recommendations to improve the performance of the United States in responding to the energy challenges. There recommendations cover a number of key policy areas, including: distributed energy, energy efficiency, internationalizing the nuclear fuel cycle, synthetic biology, putting a price on carbon, sustained support for research and development, and emerging international energy relationships.