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Shultz-Stephenson Task Force on Energy Policy: Events

Hoover sponsored events

The Energy Security Initiative at Brookings and the Hoover Institution’s Energy Task Force will host experts from the public and private sectors for a series of discussions to address the potential of Distributed Power Systems in the United States.

Hoover’s Energy Task Force Hosts Conference on Key Issues

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visits the Hoover Institution

October 26, 2009 Meeting

group photo
Bottom row: Paul Berg, Sid Drell, George Shultz, Burt Richter, Abe Sofaer

Middle row: Jay Keasling (guest), Drew Endy (guest), Michael Boskin, Michael Bruce (guest), George Bruce (guest), Andy Karsner

Top row: Jim Woolsey, Henry Rowen, John Hennessy (guest), Tom Stephenson, Jay Precourt (guest), Lynn Orr (guest), Sam Bodman, Jeremy Carl

Members not present: Stephen Bechtel Jr., Gary Becker, John Cogan, James Goodby, Lawrence Goulder, Kenneth Judd, Howard Leach, Keven Murphy, John Raisian, William Reilly, Condoleezza Rice, Lucy Shapiro, Kiron Skinner, James Sweeney, John Taylor, David Victor

Non-Hoover sponsored events

Prospects for a World Powered Predominately by Solar and Wind Energy (February 4, 2011)

Data Center Energy Efficiency Summit (October 15, 2009)

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