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Herbert and Jane Dwight Working Group on Islamism and the International Order: Op-eds and Articles

March 4, 2013

Barack Obama, a Parochial Leader for a Parochial Nation

February 27, 2013 | Wall Street Journal

John Kerry's Syrian Second Chance

February 11, 2013 | Wall Street Journal

The Pharaoh Fell, but His Poisonous Legacy Lingers

February 6, 2013 | Defining Ideas (Hoover Institution)

The Coming War in the Middle East

January 28, 2013 | Newsweek


January 16, 2013 | Bloomberg

U.S. Will Leave Afghanistan to Warlords and Taliban

January 13, 2013 | Wall Street Journal

The Struggle for the Fertile Crescent

December 13, 2012 | Wall Street Journal

Egypt's Sisyphean Struggle for Democracy

December 13, 2012 | Tablet Magazine

Better a Pharaoh or a Tempest?

December 6, 2012 | Advancing a Free Society

The Caravan: Obama’s Greater Middle East