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Boyd and Jill Smith Task Force on Virtues of a Free Society: Op-eds and Articles

March 11, 2012 | Real Clear Politics

A Misreading of Law and History on Preemptive Strikes

Liberalism these days seems to encourage an illiberal and anti-democratic tendency to turn hard questions of morality and politics into easy questions of law...
March 2, 2012 | Real Clear Politics

Would a Military Strike Against Iran Be Legal?

Having the law on their side as they grapple with the momentous decision is for [Israel and Iran] -- the leaders and the people -- a strategic and political asset...
February 20, 2012 | Weekly Standard

The Coming Attack on Iran

When an irresistible force meets an immovable object, something’s gotta give...
February 13, 2012 | Weekly Standard

Turning Point

Is Lucretius the gateway to the modern world?...
February 10, 2012 | Defining Ideas (Hoover Institution)

Resuscitating Civic Education

What does being a good citizen require...?
February 7, 2012 | Wall Street Journal

Planned Parenthood's Hostages

The abortion provider uses a vast media and political network to maintain its subsidies from government and private charities...
February 4, 2012 | Wall Street Journal

Sex Smears and the Rule of Law at Yale

The university has tarnished a student's reputation, and its own...
February 1, 2012 | Policy Review

Shawcross on Terror

Peter Berkowitz on Justice and the Enemy: From the Nuremberg Trials to Khalid Sheikh Muhammad by William Shawcross...
January 23, 2012 | Baltimore Sun

A hidden cause of Baltimore's population loss: abortion

City's rate of terminated pregnancies is indicative of a wayward society...
January 23, 2012 | Weekly Standard

The Bain of His Campaign

Could inflict considerable pain...