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Senior Administration

Title Name Phone
Director Thomas Gilligan 650-723-1198
Executive Assistant Laureen Schieron 650-723-1198
Deputy Director and Director of Library & Archives Eric Wakin 650-725-7750
Executive Assistant Merinell Loring 650-723-3156
Associate Director, Marketing and Strategic Communications Christopher Dauer 650-725-6837
Associate Director, Development Colin Stewart 650-721-1782
Associate Director, Public Affairs Eryn Witcher Tillman 650-725-3076
Associate Director, Research Operations Denise Elson 650-723-3271
Director of Washington, DC Michael G. Franc  
Assistant Director, Finance and Information Technology Karen Weiss 650-723-0601
Assistant Director, Operations Jeffrey M. Jones 650-723-6594
Conference Center Program Manager Jackie Del Barrio 650-721-7869
Telecommunications Olivia Litz 650-723-9467
Assistant Director, Human Resources & Administrative Services Charnette Richard 650-723-2052
Assistant Director, Marketing & Policy Education Shana Farley 650-725-6234
Assistant Director, Major Gifts Sara Myers 650-724-0764
Executive Assistant Marcy Mamiya 650-736-7459
Assistant Director, Development Events & Services Mary Gingell 650-723-1951

Marketing & Strategic Communications

Title Name Phone
Marketing, Digital Media & Policy education
Director of Marketing & Policy Education Shana Farley 650-725-6234
Web Content Manager Ellen Santiago 650-723-2139
Web Content & Design Manager Rachel Moltz 650-723-7506
Research and Administrative Associate Kanza Naqvi 650-725-8599
Marketing Communications Manager   650-723-1647
Senior Book Publications Manager Barbara Arellano 650-725-5630
Distribution and Facilities Assistant Darrell Birton 650-725-3523
Book Production Manager Marshall Blanchard 650-725-3460
Book Production Manager Alison Law 650-725-7146
Editorial Manager Danica Hodge 650-497-4067
Managing Editors
Executive Editor Tunku Varadarajan 650-272-1264
Hoover Digest Charles Lindsey 650-723-1471
Executive Producer, Uncommon Knowledge Scott Immergut 310-560-9596

Public Affairs

Title Name Phone
Media Relations
Senior Manager Media Relations Jeff Marschner 650-723-2612
Social Media & Communications Manager Justin Petty 650-725-3523
Public Relations Associate Kelly Romney 650-723-0603

Washington DC Programs

Title Name Phone
DC Programs
Program Manager Erin Nichols 202-760-3210
Senior Manager External Affairs (National Security, Cyber, Tech Policy) Russell Wald 202-760-3204
Manager of External Affairs 202-760-3205

Program Management

Title Name Phone
National Fellows & National Security Fellows
National Fellows Program Deborah Ventura 650-723-0621
National Security Fellows Program
Assistant Nga-My Nguyen 650-725-4026
Visiting Fellows
Academic Affairs Manager Deborah Ventura 650-723-0621


Title Name Phone
Director of Major Gifts Sara Myers 650-724-0764
Development Assistant Marcy Mamiya 650-736-7459
Regional Director of Development Shelly Carson 650-736-8379
Development Assistant Jessica Martinez 650-721-1783
Regional Director of Development Anthony Curtis 650-723-1944
Regional Director of Development James Gross 650-723-2899
Regional Director of Development Jan Lesuma 650-736-1769
Regional Director of Development Keith Norton 650-724-1743
Regional Director of Development Gregory Stamps 202-439-0738
Assistant Director of Development Lynette Garcia 650-497-9789
Development Writer Jenny Pierson 650-723-2734
Development Events and Services
Director of Development Events and Services Mary Gingell 650-723-1951
Assistant Director of Development - Events and Services Brittany Voelker 650-721-2559
Events and Services Manager Juliet Mardini 650-723-1959
Events and Services Manager Brittany Peters 650-723-2161
Project Manager   650-725-3465
Database Coordinator Rivki Raphaelsohn 650-497-6106
Development Assistant Tara Mahon 650-724-4564

Administrative Departments

Title Name Phone
Budget & Finance
Accounting Associate Andrea Mendoza 650-725-7321
Financial Analyst Jessica Carrasco 650-736-9702
Network Administrator James Shinbashi 650-723-0447
Systems Analyst Dan Wilhelmi 650-725-7843
Special Events
Special Events Manager Janet Smith 650-723-2071
Special Events Planner Michelle Araujo 650-723-4970
Research Operations
Research Program Manager Yumi Higa 650-725-5678
Fellow Administrative Coordinator    
Facilities Operation
Senior Facilities Manager Kelly Doran 650-723-7954
Assistant Rick Jara 650-723-4869
Assistant Michael Nunes 650-723-4050
Building and Events Manager Tem Ysmael 650-723-1352
Human Resources Office
Employment Specialist Christina Ansel 650-723-1053
Human Resources Assistant Juanita Rodriguez 650-723-1638
Academic Affairs
Senior Manager of Academic Affairs Pam Widrin 650-725-6728
Faculty Affairs Administrator Anita Young 650-723-0713
Academic Affairs Administrative Associate Kathy Campitelli 650-725-8557
Academic Affairs Manager Deborah Ventura 650-723-0621
Administrative Services
Administrative Services Manager Tess Clark 650-723-0425
Front Desk Lead Elisia Guerrero 650-723-0705
Front Desk Coordinator Marcos Amaral 650-723-0705
Front Desk Coordinator Memmen Kassa 650-723-0705
Front Desk Coordinator Lea Limgenco 650-725-7728

Library & Archives

title name Phone
Director of Library & Archives Eric Wakin 650-725-7750
Executive Assistant Merinell Loring 650-723-3156
Deputy Archivist Linda Bernard 650-723-0141
Operations Manager Elizabeth Phillips 650-725-3471



title name Phone
Curator - Latin American Collection Herb S. Klein 650-725-5026
Curator - Modern China Collection Hsiao-ting Lin 650-736-9035
Curator for Digital Scholarship and Asian Initiatives Lisa Nguyen 650-723-2050
Curator - North American Collection Collections Manager Jean Cannon 650-723-1512
Curator - Russian and Eurasian Collection
RFE/RL Project Archivist
Anatol Shmelev 650-724-6200
Senior Curator - European Collection Maciej Siekierski 650-725-6955
Curator of the Japanese Diaspora Collection Kaoru "Kay" Ueda 650-723-1007


Digital Strategy & Operations

title name Phone
Assistant Archivist - Digital Daniel Jarvis 650-723-3501
Systems Infrastructure Manager Haidar Hadi 650-725-9856
Digital Production Manager Julia Hickey 650-724-3069
Digitization Specialist Fiore Irving 650-723-3501
Archival Specialist - Visual Collections Vishnu Jani 650-725-7690
Library Specialist - Microfilm and Digital Sang-suk Shon 650-725-6298
Head of Microfilming Issayas Tesfamariam 650-725-6298


Engagement, Outreach and Communications

title name Phone
Assistant Archivist - Exhibits Samira Bozorgi 650-725-3563
Project Archivist for Exhibits Marissa Rhee 650-724-9711
Centennial Project Archivist for Exhibitions Kiera Peacock 650-724-3049


Metadata and Systems Management

title name Phone
Metadata Management & Systems Manager Michael Herrick 650-725-5006
Manuscript Cataloger Dale Reed 650-725-3470
Metadata Librarian Rhea Taylor 650-497-3837



title name Phone
Administrative Associate Irena Czernichowska 650-725-3473
Processing Archivist Emily Gibson 650-721-2716
Project Archivist Mary deVries 650-498-9795
Assistant Archivist - Projects David Jacobs 650-723-1523
Archival Specialist Lyalya Kharitonova 650-724-7342
Hoover Centennial Librarian for Collection Analysis Simon Ertz 650-736-8482
Library Specialist Maaya Abe 650-497-7431
Library Specialist Terry Gammon 650-723-2058
Library Specialist Jorge Machado 650-723-2058
Library Specialist Malgosia Szudelski 650-725-3429
Archivist for Public Services Sarah Patton 650-723-2065
Assistant Archivist - Russian Projects Lora Soroka 650-723-3061
Administrative Associate David Sun 650-725-3472
Librarian - Cataloging and Reference Services Paul Thomas 650-723-2054
Public Services Specialist  Diana Sykes 650-725-3473
Library Specialist Yves Franquien 650-723-2058



title name Phone
Library Specialist - Preservation Laura Bedford 650-723-5018
Library Specialist - Preservation James Fayne 650-723-5018
Preservation Officer Rayan Ghazal 650-723-5018
Library Specialist - Preservation Kurtis Kekkonen 650-723-5018


Move Project

title name Phone
Project Manager Erik Lunde 650-724-6647
Project Archivist Tanya Yule 650-723-6772
Metadata Librarian Sarah Cassone 650-725-3442
Metadata Specialist Ognjen Kovacevic 650-725-1817
Library Specialist - Preservation Max Siekierski  
Library Specialist - Preservation Derek Faux  
Archival Specialist Enid Ocegueda