Coast Guard Roundtable

Friday, June 4, 2021
Hoover Institution, Stanford University

The Hoover Institution National Security Task Force hosted a roundtable discussion with Admiral Karl Schultz, Commandant of the United States Coast Guard

According to the Commandant, every day the Coast Guard both cooperates and competes. Task Force participants discussed the Coast Guard’s non-kinetic role along a continuum of U.S. global economic and security strengths that ranges from diplomacy to combat. With a scale more closely aligned to the force structures of many U.S. partners around the globe, particularly in the Indo-Pacific, participants considered the importance of relationships and trust-building afforded by Coast Guard activities. At the same time, with a limited force size compared to other services, the ned to prioritize sharpens an interest in high-impact mission opportunities. Task Force participants underscored the importance of public awareness on the breadth and value of Coast Guard activities ongoing around the world, arguing that in an era of continuous gray zone competition, the value of the Coast Guard’s day-to-day presence at sea and in port has never been higher.

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