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Please review the answers to frequently asked questions about the Hoover Institution Library & Archives prior to contacting staff. If you still have questions after reviewing the below, contact Library & Archives staff by emailing hoover-library-archives [at]

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Answer 1:

Reading Room

Answer RR2:

1. My family member is going to come with me and look at the material I’ve requested. Do they need to register with Aeon?

Yes. Anyone coming into the reading room needs to register with Aeon and have a confirmed reservation.

Answer RR2:

2. Does the reading room have WiFi and outlets?

Yes. Researchers can connect to the Stanford Visitor network. The reading room has outlets located at tables throughout the room.

Answer RR3:

3. How do I reserve a seat in the reading room?

To reserve a seat in the reading room, you must first be registered with an account with Aeon, the Hoover Institution Library & Archives’ online request and reservation system. For step-by-step directions, please watch this video, then review these instructions on how to request materials and reserve a seat. 

Research Services

Answer RS1:

1. How should I cite archival material?

Our preferred citation for archival material is [Identification of item], Collection name, Box no., Folder no. or title, Hoover Institution Archives. Additional information can be found here

Answer RS2:

2. Do you have lists of materials related to particular topics?

Yes. Check the website for collections related to selected subjects or geographic areas. You can also email  hoover-library-archives [at] to receive subject lists or be connected to a subject specialist.

Answer RS3:

3. Do you have any tips for searching for material?

Use one word searches if possible, and be sure to try alternate spellings of names. If you use more than one search word, enclose the words in quotation marks. Learn more about the different ways to search our collections by visiting our How to Search page.

Answer RS4:

4. Why isn’t all of your material available online?

A variety of reasons, the main one being copyright: since our collections are 20th and 21st century, the majority of the material is still covered under copyright, and in most cases the Hoover Institution Library & Archives does not own the copyright to the material in its holdings.

Answer RS5:

5. If I want to publish material from your collections, can I do so?

Please review information about rights and permissions here and email hoover-library-archives [at] for further assistance.

Answer RS6:

6. Why do I need to select research materials and make a reservation 7 days in advance?

Two primary reasons - (1) Approximately 40% of the Hoover Institution Library & Archives' holdings (90,275 items) are stored off-site and it takes time to pull the material and transport it to campus (2) The Hoover Institution Library & Archives serves unprocessed collections so all material must go through a preservation review to ensure the safety of both the researches and the collections themselves.

Answer RS7:

7. How do I get a digital copy of material in the collection?

There are two ways to obtain a digital copy of materials from our collections. Our research services options include 1) Low-resolution reference scanning or 2) high-resolution duplication. For details go to our Research Services page.

Visiting the Library & Archives

Answer LA1:

1. Do I need a letter from my university to use the Library & Archives?

No. We are open to the public, free of charge.

Answer LA2:

2. Where can I stay on/near campus?

Suggestions about where to stay can be found here. Many hotels offer a Stanford discount, so be sure to mention Stanford when making your reservations.

Answer LA3:

3. Which holidays do you close for?

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Stanford’s winter closure (two weeks at the end of December/beginning of January that include Christmas and New Year’s Day).

Answer LA4:

4. Do you offer monetary support for researchers?

Yes. Please see our Fellowships page


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